Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cafe World Tip 11: Automatic Cooking

This will be a short one. I have found - all over the net really, just stumbled on it and found that it might be something certain people might be interested in. It alleges that you can have food cooking for you without you having to do anything. Therefore, I am calling it Automatic Cooking.

I assume this is a glitch that probably Zynga will seek out and destroy someday, but until then, here is a few sites with people giving instructions on how to set it up:

I have not tried this and won't be - I just prefer to play the game as it is presented instead of having some software glitch doing it for me. The actual name being given this hack/glitch/whatever it is is a Cafe Clicker.
Good luck and if anyone has success in setting it up, please come back and let me know how well it works!



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