Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday 6/23//2011


I spoke too soon.

Both AC's in the store I work at are out. I unlocked the door, walked in this morning and was very surprised at how warm it still was in here from yesterday. It is at least somewhat cool this morning so I opened up the entire build to try and cool it back down a bit.

Fortunately for me, there is a slew of things in the truck routing system to do today and the AC in the semi definitely works, I will be working out of my cool office that happens to sit both on air and 18 wheels. Air ride seat; air ride cab; air ride tractor and air ride trailer, to more specific about the riding on air bit.

I was reading with interest the aircraft show in Paris. I'm completely neutral about Airbus, I neither like that company nor dislike it, I just root for Boeing because, of course, it's made in the USA and creates a LOT of jobs over here. Apparently Airbus has scored with it new, fuel economical jet that allegedly gives 15% better fuel efficiency than the Boeing 737.

Boeing, obviously, is going to have to answer to stay competitive, but it hardly means they're going out of business. They received almost 5 billion worth of orders on that 747-8, a plane I hope someday I will get to take a ride in (and not be part of a National Geographic Air Crash Investigation show). Yes, folks, let a plane fly around all over the place for a while, a new type of plane that is, and make sure that it isn't going to be plunging in any oceans or putting deep gouges into the earth from a nose dive into the ground......

Maybe my next vacation should just be an airplane trip to one side of the country and turn around and come back. I haven't flown in years and I really miss it! Okay, a trip to some east coast town, take a few days of touring whatever town and then make the flight back.
June 23, 2011 5:59 AM
Anonymous said...
I don't mean to be a knee-jerk reactor, but several months ago I heard from a variety of sources to "get out of stocks" by summer. I won't be removing all of it, but I am definitely toning it down on the aggressive front as even more doom and gloomers, alleged professionals, are predicting either a double-dip recession or even entering a depression.

The housing situation certainly isn't offering any help in any of it, that's for sure. Which reminds me, I need to make a request at work for my W-2 from 2008. Modify the return and get cash back. Sorta like an ATM, put the paperwork in and get the money back out : )
That reminded me of it because I want to increase my cash "stockpile" in case things get really rough, I have something to fall back on. Not that I don't now, I have hardly been blowing the return I got back from the IRS excepting paying down credit card debt.

Ummm, it's going to be 109 today. It got up to 116 yesterday, at least where I live, usually it gets warmer where I'm at than it does at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport, where they apparently take the readings. I'm only 4 or 5 miles from the airport, but at a completely different elevation, which I guess may have something to do with it, I don't know.

Who knows. The new chihuahua? Well, Lynnette and that dog are in love with each other, it was as I thought it would be. I will have no responsibility for that dog excepting I will buy it the dog food and give it it's shots. The dog food bill for a Chihuahua? lol. Buy a 20 pound bag and I bet it will last 2 months.

Umm, the work day is almost here and thank God Almighty for it, because it's WARM in this building!! It has cooled down a bit with the doors open, but this is ridiculous.

Oh, diet: I ate once yesterday. Yup. Just once. It wasn't even that big of a meal. I had a couple of glasses of skim milk, a lot of water and a small amount of M&M's. I admit the cheat, but only because I was hungry at work and there was nothing to eat. After I ate about 8 of those things I quit. Even with that, I did not consume many calories yesterday and I intend on doing that same thing again today, sans the M&M's.




  1. Friday

    Came back to the shop yesterday to find one AC unit "barely working", as it was described and the other? Out. Fortunately, the one that is working is also the one that cools the area where I am usually at if I am working on the computer. : )

    I guess they are going to replace the other one, even though we are moving out in 3 months. Of course, who wants to sit in the hottest 3 months of the year without AC?

    Today is inventory day. I have one delivery and that's it. I do not participate in inventory counts because - headquarters says drivers aren't allowed to do it. I have never heard a reasonable explanation of why, I don't really care to be honest. You work all day today and part of Saturday, but you don't get to keep the hours as you give it up the next week.

    So the weekend is almost here. Next weekend is 3 days off, looking forward to that one. Dunno about this weekend excepting that I will most probably go to church on Sunday morning.

    I'm still looking for a handgun, more specifically, some version of a 9mm. They're effective enough and the price tags are better. There are numerous online auctions, but I am looking at a pawn shop's auctions that is just down the road from me. They don't sell their guns in their store, they only sell them online.

    Hmm, well I was going to get into something but my time is almost up. It can wait.



  2. We have been lightening up on stocks for a while. I think the summer trading is pretty much the doldrums like last summer...Look at the collapse of oil prices and commodities these last few weeks...OUCH!

  3. This popped my eyes wide open this morning:

  4. Well, Bobby, you would know better than I. I just listen to the "experts" - the only problem is that there is a lot of contradictory information out there. I personally see no loss in getting out of the aggressive stance for a while, just in case they happen to be right.

    Fin: That particular group has infiltrated a lot of government agencies and corporations. But if you read another story, there is another hacker group that hates this group and is out to "get them". They are allegedly going to hack the hackers and give that info to law enforcement. I hadn't seen this particular article you posted, though. I don't necessarily think it such a great idea to be giving out the addresses of law enforcement officers, in fact, I think that really sucks.


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