Thursday, August 4, 2011

Caleb's Rap / Handgun

My son made a rap video with some friends.  

So, I took the gun in today to a gunsmith. This gun looks brand new, like it hasn't been fired very many times, but I still don't trust it, it belonged to someone else and who knows. I'm not going to have the thing blowing up in my face and paying a dear price for my ignorance on guns and whether they really are in good enough shape to fire and not have any problems with it.

So, I took the whole thing in there - carrying case with gun, 2 clips - one of them loaded - and all. The guy opens the case, looks at it, starts messing with it, inserts the empty clip, looks at it again: This gun is in new condition, there is nothing wrong with it. If there IS something wrong, the worst it's going to do is jam/misfire, but it's not going to blow up in your face and you don't have to worry about it. Take it to the range, run some rounds through it and make sure it runs them okay. If not, you can send it to Smith & Wesson and they will fix it for free. Oh, and I freely admitted up front that I don't know much about guns.

I have heard the comments in these gun stores from customers making derogatory comments about people who own guns but don't know how to use them or talking about people that don't own guns and how stupid they are. And they knew - what - exactly - the first time THEY picked up a gun? When I picked the gun up at the pawn shop the other day, a man was standing there checking out a gun they had for sale and making extremely derogatory remarks about people who are uneducated about such.

Well, I won't ask his forgiveness, I think it's dumb to speak about people that way who are trying to learn, but are starting from scratch. I know enough not to point the thing at anyone even if I "know" it isn't loaded. I now know how to unload the thing and clear the chamber of the round that is in it in both the shotgun and the 40 caliber. I am still stuck at the clean and lubricate part, but that's because I haven't tried yet. I don't need to clean it until after I shoot it, I am reading. Unless it hasn't been cleaned in a while. It isn't rocket science, frankly, but since it is a thing that can and is designed to kill animals or people, one much exercise extreme caution, obviously.

I also do not leave either of them loaded. The shotgun has shells in that holding tube on the bottom, but there is not a shell sitting in the chamber. Okay, so it's sort of loaded. It doesn't take much to get a shell from that tube into the chamber, we have all heard the "chink - clink" sound a shotgun makes when you pull that thing back and then move it forward again. Pulling it back both ejects the shell in the chamber and gets a shell from the tube read to put into the chamber, pushing it forward loads the fresh shell into the chamber. This may seem like basic, elementary stuff to gun enthusiasts, again, I freely admit my lack-of-knowledge. I'm in no hurry, I just take my time, examine the things and then figure out how it works without accidentally shooting it.

As for the handgun, the loaded magazine is not in the gun. It is in the carrying case. It takes all of a second to push the thing in there and get a round in the chamber, ready to fire.

Whatever. I'm happy to learn and will be happy to take the courses to learn even more. On that note, I am going to look up Shooter's World and see when I can get in the next weekend classes.

Friday is almost here and the end of the work week. I am ready for this week to be over and would really be ready for the 9 days off in a row if - it would have worked out.  As it stands, it appears I may be the next week off instead.  I need some time off right now, that's all I can say about it.



  1. cool video...

    I still hate guns and do not agree that everyone has a "right" to own one! I consider it more a "priviledge" and should be very restricted....

  2. Hi Dorrie:
    I don't hate guns, I do hate what SOME people do with them. But, the right to bear arms is constitutionally protected and I don't have a problem with having enough around to protect myself. I hope I never have to use a gun on anyone, but I live in a big city and in a no-sot great neighborhood.

  3. I am not very knowledgeable about guns either other than my shotgun.

    I can shoot a mean compound bow. Mine is lefty! Nothing says ouch like getting shanked by an arrow although my shotgun is much worse I'm sure...


  4. Friday
    It was just wonderful to come in here this morning - work that is -- and have the alarm go off. Why? Because the keypad to disarm it isn't working correctly. I tried to press the first number in the passcode - I don't know, maybe 50 times?....and it would register.

    So, the monitoring company calls, is everything alright? Yes, excepting this blasted alarm! I was sitting here for 15 minutes listening to this shrill, high-pitched noise going off in my ears.

    Gag. Here's a good one: all of a 2 day notice for moving out. Cool, huh? This was from Rey, last night, who walks in and gives me the news. "Thanks for the advance notice, Rey". I was obviously not happy about getting such a short, abrupt notice. He is moving back to Tucson. He cannot hold a job down, anyway. Too long a story to go into right now, don't feel like it.

    I just love it, though, when people play games like this. Whatever. This is like the 4th or 5th time he has announced that he is moving out over the last several months, I'm figuring it's probably time for him to go.

    I was offered yet another trailer, this time a rather large looking 5th wheel RV trailer. Oh, and yet another response, this from a guy who says he has an older one that he wants to sell and will come down in price because of what I am doing with it. Not in a big hurry for any of this, really, I'm waiting to see if the IRS gives me the money back in the second round of returns or not.

    Well I'm done with this one. That alarm going off was completely an unecessary intrusion into my brain this morning going off for THAT long.



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