Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday 10/27/2011

The waiting game.
I'm waiting for that wallpaper to get here so we can
get started on that project.
Meanwhile, I'm about 40% convinced to tear out the carpeting and replace it.
100% convinced to get up on the roof and apply a coating of tar around one of the roof
vents to ensure there is no water leakage during storms with heavy down pours, which
is usually what will see that stuff leaking if there is a leak.

Flat tax. I'm all for it. I doubt either Perry's or Cain's version would ever make it through Congress. The idea is a "novel" one, not really cause' it's been around for a while but never gains traction. No clue whether it will gain traction now, and apparently Obama is raising a LOT of money for his re-election campaign. I hope voters don't forget some of the nonsense, is all I can say, when it comes time to vote. Another 4 years of this man's ideas? Has any of it worked so far? lol.

My mother wants me to "think" about Thanksgiving and Christmas. That's all she said. Obviously, it's a disguised question: are you coming? A few weeks ago, she said it's "your turn" to host Christmas. She claims my middle brother - a person who doesn't know when to shut up and certainly, to keep his political views to himself when it comes to family get togethers (his views are pretty much at the opposite end of where I takealookit things). If there are obvious areas of contention when it comes to family and you want to have a peaceful get together, probably talking about how wonderful Obama is (his view of it) isn't going to go over all that well in the home of a person that doesn't particularly like Obama's actions thus far.

So I will think about it and keep thinking about it, lol. Not really, I have nothing to think about, I would like to see my oldest brother, but if that means another ruined holiday because of my middle brother, then I want no part of it.

2 days left in the work week. Another week zooming by. It's ever so lovely to come home and not have to hear the continual ramblings of a bully who thinks his opinion of things supersedes even the thoughts running in your brain. I can go out front in peace and work on my landscaping without all the stares, glares and garbage talk being hurled at me. One thing is for certain: it will last at least a year, at least concerning him!




Anonymous said...

You may want to give some serious thought to just how long your Mom is going to be around, and how much self control does it take to not fight for a single afternoon.

BenB said...

Indeed. One reason I am putting a trailer up on her property is to be able to spend more time with her, whether that's at holidays or not is not exactly relevant to me at this point. However, I usually just sit there and listen to it - my brother that is. When a differing opinion is offered - in conversational tones, not in fighting tones - it is summarily dismissed, rejected and a certain level of hostility arises because I don't agree with him.
Our family is extremely disjointed, my brothers are not well-connected with her at this point anyway.

Apparently a simple apology goes a long way.  I don't necessarily believe I owed her one, but I did it anyway. She did not, however, apo...