Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday 12/12/2011

So, it's a challenge.
Get the things that need to be done - done - by the time Christmas Eve Day gets here.
This is, apparently, the day we are doing Christmas at my house - so far anyway.
But, that is completely dependent - usually anyway - on whatever day my middle brother
can get off of work.  That is, if he's even coming.  If he does show up, he best be keeping
off the subject of politics, cause' if he comes over here starting that kind of trouble,
Christmas at my house is going to blow up on itself.

Not that that has never happened before.

So, fun fun.  I haven't even gotten a Christmas tree yet, though all the lights are up outside. My Santas and various other Christmas things are sitting around my living room, though.

Time has run out.  I wasn't really in a writing mood this morning.



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