Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cafe World Tips 32: Live Chat: How To Access Cafe World Live Chat Zynga Live Chat For Any Zynga Game

This will be a short one.
First off, you DO have to have been a paying customer sometime in the past to even have access to Zynga Live Chat.  If you have never bought Cafe Cash, you won't be able to access the Live Chat option - but on the same page I am about to take you to, you WILL be able to access their email version whether you have paid or not.

Okay, having said that, go into your Cafe (or any other Zynga game, it's all the same).  On the top right hand corn of the screen, you will see the large, red Zynga bulldog.  Click on it.

It opens up a separate, new page.

On the top, right-hand corner of the new page, click on Support.

Yet another page opens.

On the left side of the next page that came up, click on Cafe World (or whichever game it is you are wanting to access live chat for).

Sometimes the live chat option comes up immediately (it will show up next to the  "Search All Articles" bar) and sometimes you have to wait. Other times it won't show up at all - Live Chat is not always available.  But if it IS available, it will come up without having to do anything else.

If it doesn't show up and you don't want to keep trying/waiting, you can also support and Email ticket on that same page.  Just click on the white arrow in the red box right next to the "Search All Articles" bar.  It will bring up the email option and click on that.  However, be prepared to wait an extremely long time for an answer, up to 2 weeks.  Yes, I have recently submitted tickets that took them 2 weeks to respond to.

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BenB said...

BTW, Zynga continues to change how to find live chat. This is the most current change. They don't really want to talk to anyone so they make it harder to find it. If you do get through to live chat, make sure you ask them for free Thyme spices for the "inconvenience" you have experienced. Whatever your issue is, you have been inconvenienced~!

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