Monday, July 2, 2012

Still gotta love being called an "aggressive panhandler" for my efforts to get more bang for my buck.  Isn't that the American way?  It isn't begging; it isn't even bartering - it's just simply trying to get as much out of it as I can.  Period.  PLEASE spare me the judgments.

I'm about ready to shut this blog down and stop blogging altogether.  What a piece of utter shit a person is to come along and say all the bullshit that this particular person has labelled me as in recent times.  The last one was my "pride", in not wanting to ask my uncles for money to come to their family reunion.  Hey, Uncle Bob, could you spare me a couple thousand bucks to come and be a part of your reunion"

Freaking BULLSHIT.  You don't like my blog or my view of things, DON'T READ IT!!!  Or if you are going to come on here and leave BULLSHIT responses, be a MAN about it and NAME yourself.  Otherwise, SHUT THE HELL UP.

Rant over.

Sorry to anyone else that may actually be left that might read this blog.  It is mostly an outlet to write my mind and then read it over and see what adjustments might be made.  In this case, however, I am not the one needing the adjustment, thank you very much.


  1. We do the same over here as well, Ben as in we try and get as much for our dollar as we can. When out shopping we always ask the salesman/store if they can give us a better price on what we are purchasing, it doesn't hurt to ask and they can always say no. It's better for us to have that saving of a few extra dollars in our pockets. So good on ya, Ben .. if they stuff you around, why not!

    Western Australia

  2. Hiya Lynne. Exactly. They can always say no - whether it's at a store or on the phone with a company you are doing business with. How that equates to "aggressive panhandling", I have absolutely NO clue, but as you can see, it pretty much touched a nerve. I have never begged for anything in my entire life and am not about to start now!

  3. Don't shut down. Detractors tend to go away when fully and completely ignored and deleted. They thrive on response and wither away without it.

  4. Although I don't think anonymous was really heckling as much as expressing a somewhat different philosophy and code.

  5. Perhaps. A code that I know nothing about. If I pay X for a service and ask for Y in comps, there is nothing unethical, immoral or "wrong" about that. That company can ante up; they can offer something less or they can tell me to either live with it or go find another company to do business with. Per Direct TV, they continue to raise their rates and I continue to tell them that I do not want to pay $100 or more per month to watch TV. I usually have to go to great lengths to find someone who will help me out with that, but, in the end, I do end up getting the final price back down to more manageable levels.
    I don't even watch much TV, here and there, it's mostly for the tenants. I have had Direct TV for something like 13 years now, I have some tenure with the company.

    But, the label "aggressive panhandler" crosses my line. It' an insult and it was completely uncalled for, IMO, in the context it was used.


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