Friday, January 11, 2013

What is the worst thing that can happen in the morning, getting out of bed and doing your daily rituals?
I about had 10 cows.
I haven't gone to work without having had taken a shower first - I don't even remember when the "last" time that occurred, probably never but I couldn't say that for sure.
The water got up to a temp I would call cool, not even warm but not as cold as the cold water is.
Then I remembered: Mark is going to the hospital for 2 weeks, probably drained out the water heater.
Or is there something wrong with it?  Well if there is, it isn't showing in the faucet I just checked: water heating up again.

Too late.  I just looked at the forecast: the high today is only going to be 50 degrees! Yikes!  That's my version of a cold winter's day!  I wish I had a fireplace!

Ummmm, so anyway.  I didn't get the blankets and sheets out yesterday, it was too late in the day and it was getting dark and anyway, after checking the forecast, it's tonight it's going to get cold, allegedly anyway, not last night.  I watered my plants nicely instead. They claim well watered plants will withstand cold better than no-so-well-watered-plants.

I dunno, but I may run strings of Christmas lights on some of the plants - Honeysuckles - to help create a bit more warmth when considering running them through the plants and then covering the plants with blankets/sheets.

This is pretty much a yearly affair, but temps that low are not really that common.

Well anyway, I am preparing myself for a Daniel fast.  Praying, reading the Word - and admittedly - eating a lot of meat just before it starts! LOL.  3 weeks without meat!  I have never done a Daniel fast that long.  I will have to prepare food in advance for work - you can't buy a salad without meat at any of the restaurant chains that I know of save Subway.  Oh.  Well maybe I will be eating at Subway for the next 3 weeks - preparing salads and such for work every day will get old in a fast hurry.

Okay, so that's en-queue - just sort of thinking about that one because it's soooooo long without any meat.  I remember it was Daniel that was in the King's service in training that didn't want meat and only wanted a vegetable diet and challenged his keeper to give him 10 days of vegetables only and see if, after those 10 days, he didn't look better than those that were in training that were on the "King's diet".  I would be interested in finding out what, exactly, they had them dining on.  But, a vegetable diet is a - vegetable diet.  Lol.

Well, Friday and..........of to work.



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