Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Roller coasters go up and down.
And around.
Some of them go upside down - several times and then around and up and down.
Imagine being on one all the time and never getting off of it.

Regardless, intended move date is Friday.  Actually, I can't move into new
place until I meet the husband of the lady that offered the room.  He has
been out of town and won't be returning until late Friday night.  Which means 
I don't get to meet him til' Saturday - but - I have to be out of this place no 
later than Friday.

Actually, they tried to change the move-out date to Thursday/tomorrow to
which I refused.  They didn't even give me 30 days notice to move, which is
required by law if I wanted to be a stickler about it and then they gave me 
Friday as a "no-later-than" move out date and then at the last minute attempting
to tell me I have to be out Thursday?  No thank you.  The current owner said
okay then, I'll just let them know.  

I then found out she didn't even ask them if I could stay as a renter or not.
She had told me on a couple of occasions that she would.  Perhaps I will meet
the new owners on Friday since it will close and usually new owners want to 
move in right away - I know Val is planning on the same thing as soon as she
can get on her new property.  But it isn't her property until her house closes,
the money is transferred to all the intended recipients and her house is officially
owned by someone else and her new house is officially owned by - her.  Back 
to the subject, if, by some remote chance, the new owners would let me stay,
moving becomes a moot point.  I would love to stay right where I am at.  

Regardless, I have a new place to live - potentially anyway it's not set in 
stone yet - and it's 15 miles closer to work.  It's 15 miles further away from
church but the loss of miles to work far outweighs many other factors.  At
least for the time being anyway.  There are other factors that may present 
themselves in the not-so-distant future but I refrain from going into that right
now since nothing is definitive yet.

Now - is just a waiting game.  Packing is almost complete, I am in a small
place and I don't have a lot over here.  In fact, the furniture belong entirely
to Val as she set this place up before I came to town.  It is all going back to
her place as intended new living arrangements is fully furnished and no need
for anything at all from what I know.  I need to call that lady today and make
sure we are still on that course.  It's "all but guaranteed" that I can move in, 
the husband thinks he should meet me first even if there are no reservations at
all about it.

I don't blame him. They didn't advertise their room for rent, the former renter
moved to another town.  They "didn't want just anyone" moving into their
home.  I've been doing that for years with my house in Phoenix, but it is a
 totally different story over there.  It's a come what may situation and if whoever
comes doesn't work, they are summarily removed - legally of course - but
they are given the boot.  It takes a truly rotten person for it not to work over
there.  And yes, I have had some truly rotten people in there.  

German Wing Airplane that crashed into the French Alps.  I have a love affair
with flying, even though I will never be a pilot though in the last 2 years I have
been able to get on some commercial jets and get some passenger time in - 
crammed to the gills situations which I was not accustomed to but whatever.
I have watched probably every episode of Air Crash Disaster and Mayhem
and I think there's another one.  Which doesn't make me afraid of flying, 
much to the contrary, the shows give glimpses of different aspects of how
commercial jets work as they delve into the specifics of why any particular 
airplane crashed.  This latest one has been described as a debris field of no
more than 2 football fields wide - which means to me the thing came straight
down and explains why one official said everything is "pulverized".  

I feel for the families/loved ones of the deceased as no-one survived, but still
it is a fascinating subject.  The reasons for these crashes vary greatly.  The
last episode I watched was of a plane that got into the draft of a jumbo jet
ahead of it.  The pilot punched the aileron pedal to the left, then the right,
then the left, then the right and then the left again.  Or the other way around,
I don't remember, but there were 5 hard inputs that the aircraft was not designed
to be able to hand, which led to parts of the aircraft breaking off and the aircraft
plummeting into the ground.  Turns out the carrier had trained the pilots that this
was an acceptable method of attempting to correct an aircraft and bring it back
to level flight. Not until after that crash and investigators eventually found out
what caused the crash that it became known that that is NOT an acceptable
means to correct the aircraft.

Simply saying that there are so many things that could go wrong after watching
so many of these investigations that speculation usually doesn't do much of anything
but feed the news medias headlines to keep it of interest to the general public.  And 
attempt to allay fears that there is something inherently wrong with that aircraft - or
conversely - attempt to show that the aircraft is a dangerous piece of junk flying
through the air as was the case with the DC-10 and it's numerous crashes back 
in the - 80"s? 70's? don't remember.  



  1. One of the more unusual elements of the alps crash is that it took place in the portion of flight which is statistically the safest. It was in good weather with an extremely experienced, well trained pilot, and the plane flew straight into the mountain after eight minutes of deviating from the flight plan without a word from the cockpit.

  2. The latest is that one of the pilots was locked out of the cockpit. He lightly knocked on the door and after no answer, apparently was trying to tear the door down. Yes, well those doors were all changed after 911, you likely can't bust one of them down. But, the other pilot could have been too overwhelmed by trying to bring the plane out of it's apparent collision course with the earth to be able to get up and open it, who knows? They need the flight data recorder to figure out the rest of this.

  3. The captain could have entered a code to try to get back into the cockpit, but now they’re saying the co-pilot had deliberately "put the lever on lock" that would have prevented the code from working even if the captain had entered it. I hope they find the other black box soon.

  4. btw Ben, that was my comment at 7:06. Forgot to sign off :) Have a great weekend and I hope your move isn't too stressful. Take care - Terri

  5. Hi Terri. Now they're saying it's suicide, but if so, it's also the murder of 149 other people. Sick if true. Thanks and have a good weekend too!


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