This is starting to get old.....

Parts. And more parts. And sending the wrong parts back.
The front axles on my Polaris have turned into a huge headache.
They did send the wrong ones, after all, even though the description in the header said it would fit my model.
So, not only do I have to send these things back, I have to pay the shipping for it and I"m sure that isn't cheap for something that heavy.

The thing about it is, there are several different variations of this axle that sellers on ebay and other places are saying will fit my particular model, and no, they won't. I've now become an expert and will be buying the correct set today, probably, meaning again waiting until next weekend to put the blooming thing back together.  This has been going on for a while now and yes,  I'm starting to get burnt out on it.

The Jeep should be done tomorrow or the next day.  Meaning if I had the Polaris running, I could go riding this coming weekend.  Instead, I'll be sitting around trying to put they w…
So, yesterday at work I started feeling ill.  Dunno, just didn't feel good.  After 2 hours of it I finally decided it was time to go home and lay down. Which is exactly what I did. Figuring no point in coming back today, I tried to call the manager this morning 3 times.  He was too busy.  Oh well, left a message with the receptionist that I was still sick and was staying home, since the 2cd message he didn't return my phone call and on the 3rd call, I found out he had left.

I am going to try to endure it there until after my son's wedding in August so I can take at least a week off for that - if I'm flying to California I'm going to have a vacation above and beyond my sons's wedding.  He can go wherever he's going to go and have his honeymoon, I'll go spend some time on a beach.  And whatever else the Oakland area may have to offer.  That's my thought on it anyway.

After that, I will definitely look for a new job until I find one.  I don't see …

2002 Polaris Magnum 500 Front CV Axle Removal Out Of Differential

Yeah, I spent a couple of hours looking for this info, so just make it easier for anyone running into the same thing.
So, we're specifically referencing getting the yoke with the u-joint that has the CV axle attached to it which attaches to the hubstrut (what the parts manual calls it, the long, vertical thing that holds the strut and bearing and CV joint) oh and before I forget, here is the parts manual for this quad in case you need to look up names of parts:

If you need assistance with getting the hub strut detached, here is a video (but it doesn't show you how to get the yoke out of the differential). Yes, I know it says it's for doing a Sportsman, but it's the same setup in that regard, but note the spindle coming out of the hub strut - it is completely different than the one on your Magnum 500.

Now, you got the axle detached, you are ready to pu…
So I'm a little upset with myself.  I fully intended to install those new ball joints on the Polaris this weekend. They never showed up.  Upon reviewing several accounts, it turns out they were never ordered.  I don't know what happened, I do remember pulling the trigger on a set.  I wanted to get most of that project DONE this weekend, instead, I have to "look forward" to it next weekend, if the set I just ordered actually show up in time (which they should).  Yes, they sell the locally at the Polaris Dealer - for FOUR times the cost.  No thanks, I'll wait.

Meanwhile, they  (house owners I am living/ friends that gave me the Jeep ) told me the title should be back here by Monday.  That means I can go to the court house, get the thing switched over to my name and get it registered.  Well, I think anyway.  Depends on if they have it done.  I haven't called them and they contacted me on Friday of last week. I have no need to put pressure on them to finish a jo…
Well, just when I thought my credit score was headed in the right direction, it takes a hit from unknown source.  A bit of research came up with Fingerhut.  They play games with your credit limit all time.  Up and down and up and down.  It was up to around 3 grand and then they reduced it $600 and that was the deal.

So, I"m going to contact them and ask them to either stop that practice or close the account.  I owe them maybe a hundred and something, no problem just paying it off and getting it over with.


Started this several days ago and got distracted. Going back to work Monday was as I figured: they dump you with all kinds of junk to do just to make you pay for taking time off.  And so it has been all week up until today. I actually would like another day like that tomorrow and it will pass quickly and be over with.


Getting no where fast with this entry.  Anyway, I had full intentions of getting the Polaris mostly…
3rd day of vacation.  Decided not to go anywhere, instead, decided to fix the Jeep and fix the Polaris.  I'm kinda tired of having fun toys that I can't use because I can't take them anywhere. The man that just towed the Jeep out of here said it would cost around $700 to get it going - which isn't a bad deal for me since the jeep was free and also it allegedly has a new engine in it.  He assured me that he could get it going so I said fine, tow her away.  I've been saving to get that thing fixed so I could either use it for the purposes stated or sell/trade it for a pickup.  But if they get it running good I"d rather keep it and get a trailer for it.  That way I can haul people with me in the Jeep to go 4 wheeling - which I have several wanting to go.  Not to mention stuff around here that needs to be done that I can't deal with without being to transport materials.

The only other "issue" would be to find a good place to go riding. The nearest p…
Tomorrow marks the day that the GM comes up.  To do what, I don't know exactly.  I don't know what others have told him about the manager's behavior.  I don't know if they will come forth honestly and say what has actually happened or if they will try to support him through the very real fear of losing their jobs.  Can the GM offer anonymity that won't go any further than him?  He can, but it seems like stuff gets leaked out all the time.  My email to him was spun off all over the place. No-one knows what I said in it, exactly, they just know I sent it and the GM is coming up here because of it.

Which doesn't mean anything will change.  At all.  This GM really doesn't have any good idea of how to resolve these kinds of issues, as evidenced from the past.  He knows how to run the business, but employee altercations and problems with management he seems to not have the stomach to take on. There's nothing I can do about that, I can just feed him with the f…