Monday, November 18, 2019

Well yesterday certainly didn't turn out like I expected.  I was sitting in that truck yard (Brownsville) waiting for a trailer to show up that yard man said was coming.  The yard man is wrong about 30% of the time.  He was wrong on Friday as well.  At 5:00 pm, I saw him out there looking at a trailer so i went over to ask him when this trailer was going to show up - I still fully expected it was coming.  Ohhh, noooooo, there isn't any trailer coming today.  lol.

Okayyyy.  I got out my phone and texted my manager: hotel room, please, I'm staying a second night.  So yessss, I ended up at the Marriott Residence once again.  I very much enjoyed that, tho I have to say i really wanted to head home yesterday.  I know, it's a lot of extra money for doing nothing, but I was just feeling a tad bit home sick.

Whatever the case, I left the hotel this morning earlier than I normally would have - figured they would have one there earlier than normal.  Sure enough, two trailers showed up at 11:00 am and I was OUT of there, got back faster than normal and was happy to get the dogs, get home and settle in.

Meanwhile, the boat is done. Except the leak. The mechanic lifted it up and looked at the areas where the hull sits on the boards. Nothing.  Extremely perplexing.  Actually rather irritating.

Monday, early.  Heading to a plant in La Porte, Texas today.  It's a day trip.  Load, drive down, they unload the trailer, drive back up.  Another driver told me it's the only load going out today and for the next 3 days.  Didn't really want to do it, another of those low paying trips, but if I'm really going to be off 2 or more days, then best get busy.  Allegedly, the loading plant is going to be shut down for 3 days - to do what I have no idea, I'll find that out this morning. 

Monday, lol.

Whatever the case, it's time to get out of here.

Happy Monday!

Friday, November 15, 2019

Brownsville, Friday afternoon.
Trailers were here, but two drivers before me.  They got them, I am stuck here.  I actually decided yesterday, while driving down here, to stop and the get truck washed in Houston at the Blue Beacon.  The truck hadn't been washed in two months, but also an intentional move to get other drivers down here before me.  I didn't know where they were, I just knew the loading times. It was an hour wait at the wash to even get into the bay and then they spent fully 45 minutes washing the truck and trailer, both were filthy. 

I had plenty of on-duty hours available since I didn't have to load the truck - that takes at least 2-1/2 hours.  On the other hand, it rained the entire drive down here and that ate up some time driving in Houston - everyone slows way down. I mean, they slow down far more than necessary.  And, of course, people that panic in such traveling conditions do stupid things in traffic resulting in numerous accidents. 

The worst accident I saw yesterday, however, was not in Houston.  Highway 59, somewhere near Livingston, Texas, there was a tractor-trailer rig parked on the side of the road on the north side.  There were a lot of first responders a the rear of the trailer and when I saw why they were, well, it was an incredible and horrific scene.  A car had smashed into the rear of the parked truck. That was obvious, the truck was on the shoulder of the road and the driver of the car, for whatever reasons, drove right into the trailer.  The speed limit there is 70 mph, from the looks of the collision, yes, that person was doing at least 70.  The entire front end of the car was completely gone.  Just smashed all the way up to the firewall. 

You see stuff like this and wonder how it happened? Distracted driving?  No clue about the condition of the occupants of the vehicle, but the passenger compartment at least appeared to be intact, perhaps they survived.  I see this type of stuff all the time.  Terrible accidents up and down 59, the entire stretch, there is no place that is "safe" from someone making a mistake in traffic and causing a severe crash.  It's probably why I see so many cops hanging out, especially south of Houston. 

Anyway, one of the drivers called me and asked if I wanted to leave?  I was here last but I was supposed to leave yesterday.  I said well I dunno, which is when he stated he'd like to leave, he didn't want to have to wait down here.  Fine by me, feel free to go!  I wasn't sure I wanted to stay or not. The first driver down here had already hooked to a trailer and left - went to the Love's and parked there for the night.  So the second one took off around 8am and I am likely not going to be able to leave until nightfall. The next empty was at least 4 hours south of the border, I was informed, at 11 am.  So figure 3 or 4 to get TO the border, then they have to wait in line to actually cross the border. 

That's at least a couple of hours, could be much longer? Who knows.  If it gets here early enough, I'll take off and try to get at least 300 miles behind me before stopping. If it doesn't I'll spend the night, get up early and just drive straight on through tomorrow.  I'm guessing I'm going to get dumped with another run for either Sunday or Monday, I actually hope not, I've been running hard and a few days off would be nice - but - it's whatever. 

As for the Trump impeachment inquiry - boring.  I watched a couple hours of it and then shut it off.  There isn't any new revelations coming out, at least none that I saw up to that point.  I'm sure the highlights will be put out on every news channel, so I really am not missing anything.

Dropped the money off for the parts to fix the 4 wheeler before I left for this trip - that should be ready to go next week and I will be ready to take the thing out to the woods somewhere and take it for a test ride.  Maybe take the dogs too if I can get away with them running around off the leash. I figure if I go daytime during the week - there won't be many people at the parks where you can go riding.  The boat - we still have a leak issue, can't locate it.  The mechanic said he was taking it out to the lake, reset the carbs and then just sit there in the water and see if he can see where the water is coming in from.  The final chapter to fixing the boat may very well be to take it to a hull specialist to find and repair it. 

And I'm getting bored sitting in this lot.  Just trying to decide whether to find a show to watch on my computer - or go do something.  I kind of get this feeling a trailer will show up soon?  This yard guy is right on sometimes - and other times he's wayyyy off on his predictions when a trailer will show up. Like either one shows up much earlier than what he stated or as of late - much later in the day than what he calculated. 

Actually I think I'll take a nap, then eat some lunch and then watch a movie, time permitting.


Thursday, November 14, 2019

Since the other driver was going to preload the trailer this morning, I took my leisurely good time getting to work.  The other driver texted me when he was leaving the plant, I knew he would beat me to the yard and that didn't concern me.  I was going to leave early enough to beat Houston rush hour and make it down there with no known issues.

So, after firing the truck up, I went into the office to do my paperwork.  After lots of discussions about different things with both my manager and the mechanic,  I went back out to depart hence for thither yonder lands.  I saw a huge pool of - whatever - in front of the truck.  I didn't know what it was, but it wasn't water.  I thought it my be DEF, but wasn't sure. It wasn't diesel fuel, oil, hydraulic fluid or coolant.  
I got the mechanic out there.  Oh, it's just a little leak.  Well do you have the parts?  No, I'll have to order them. Well what am I supposed to do? Drive it! It's only going to leak when it's trying to regen.  NOT, I thought in my mind, this pool of fluid didn't get there because it was trying to regen.  But I said fine and figured to have to stop for DEF a few times?  Whatever the case, I got back in the truck and saw a giant warning notice on the dash screen that said power was being reduced because of a problem with the SRC system. DEF - a system to clean the exhaust.  

I got under the truck and the fluid was pouring out of it now, not just a minor leak.  I knew the mechanic was wrong in his assessment, I should have just left, driven down the road and had to have it fixed with breakdown pay.  He said take it, I didn't cause' I knew better.  But, thinking about it now?  I should have thought beyond my own limitations, but I have good reasons for those limits. I have never been paid for breakdown pay before this company in my entire trucking life, it just didn't cross my mind. The mechanic said take it, I should have taken it! I could have gotten far enough down the road - a couple hundred miles anyway - and then be sitting  there for probably at least 2 days waiting for it to get fixed.

I know it would have taken time to get it fixed because the mechanic made 15 phone calls looking for a new replacement line.  And I ended up driving 90 miles one way to get the part.  Well I didn't have to, they asked me if I wanted to? Sure, why not? Not like it was free for the company, I get paid for doing that stuff and that problem was not caused by me, that was a mechanical issue that was not driver caused. 
Anyway, I drove to Lufkin, got the part, got the part, got within 25 miles and the mechanic calls me.  Uhh, do you want to leave today with it?  I thought but didn't say, yes that's my intention but I guessed immediately that he didn't want to fix it today.  It was almost 3:00 pm and he alluded to a person situation he needed to tend to and asked me for my permission to please let him just come in early am to fix it.  Yup, he had to ask me. It's a live load, the trailer is full, the load should have been down there today, if the driver wants to take it, that takes precedence over their personal lives.  I know, sounds horrendous, but that's the way this business works. Then he said he talked to the manager, who left it up to me. 

I told him the load wasn't making it there today- I  am not driving til' 3 am to deliver this load, even if I did, they wouldn't come to get it until around noon tomorrow - but I was planning on taking it to get south of Houston at least.  However, since you say you'd come in early (5 am) to fix it, Houston won't be an issue, so yes, I'm good with that.  I really don't want to mess with people's personal lives, if they need to do something, unless there is valid reasoning to say no, it's fine by me. 


It is now Thursday morning, rather early.  Very glad I decided to just go home yesterday and let the mechanic deal with it this morning.  I got a very good night's sleep, well rested, won't have any fatigue issues driving to Brownsville today.  My pay statement came in this morning as well - a very lovely paycheck even after all the federal deductions and 401k and such.  I'm putting aside at least $500 for spending money for upcoming trip next month.  I want to take my son and his lovely wife Christmas shopping.  Actually, it's for his wife, he always wants gift cards for the movie theater. I usually dump $100 on one from a local theater chain and call it good. 

Meanwhile, the dispute with the boy's parents continues.  They want the rent back for the time that this month "left over".  Sorry, it doesn't work that way, as I told them in return text, but I will give them whatever money I receive if someone does, indeed, rent the room before the end of the month. The "man" fired a very long text back at me, calling me stupid names, attempting to make himself look as tho he is taking the high ground.

My text back to him was the fact that they flat lied to us about the boy, didn't give us any pertinent and highly relevant info about him, and now I just found out in the "man's" latest text the boy has Autism.  We certainly knew NOTHING about THAT. Basically, they couldn't deal with him, so they attempted to dump him out on society without letting anyone know that he has that kind of condition.  WE are NOT set up to deal with a person with that condition.  I have basic knowledge of that disease, I have  no professional credentials or innate knowledge on how to deal with a person with autism.  I have much more sympathy for the boy  now, but, I would have never taken him in if we had known this.  A person with autism needs professional care, or at least people that understand it and know how to deal with it.  I gave them a very long dosage of their own medicine and ended my last text with the statement to not contact me again, but, if anyone rents the room before the end of the month, I will forward the proceeds to them.  If they continue on with their ranting, I will inform them that I am blocking them and have nice lives. 

Unbelievable that they didn't tell us about that little smidgen of information . Absolutely unreal. I knew he had behavioral problems - that became quite evident - I didn't know it was caused by a mental disease.  Perhaps they told Maria about his Autism, I don't know, I just texted her as well and asked about that. That was quite the surprising revelation. 

Whatever the case, I am awaiting a reply from the mechanic.  When do you think the truck will be ready to go?  He said yesterday he had to replace the line and he would have to hook up his computer to the truck to clear the problem from the truck's system and reboot it.  I don't think any of that will take much time to complete, at the same time, who knows if he will run into issues trying to get it going?  He's a good mechanic, he knows what he's doing, I do believe that I should be able to leave relatively early this morning, hence getting up early and getting prepared for the work day.

Yup, the truck will be done in the next 40 minutes or so.

I'm outta here.


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

There was a trailer here last night when I got here - after driving in the rain for hours and hours on end - no tractors in the parking lot.  But, lo and behold, there was a driver in the parking lot at Loves. I wasn't taking that trailer - I want the detention pay, that's his trailer and don't try to pawn it off on me.  Well, he's been idling that truck for 2 days so now he is having a regen problem.  If he's stuck here another day, I'm taking that trailer that is already here out of here and just eat the detention pay.  I just got off the phone with him, there is a Peterbilt shop right down the street from the truck yard - I imagine they'll be able to fix it in no time.  Just hook up a computer, force it into regen mode and it should be good to go.

Because otherwise? I could have left out of here hours ago.  Don't get me wrong here: He wants that empty trailer.  He's been down here for days, apparently, and is ready to go home.  So, I'm waiting for him to call me back and let me know what the shop says.  Otherwise, the yard dude said there's a trailer in Matamoros - but it has a bad tire on it.  It's one of the plant owned trailers, so they don't want to bring it over here until the plant decides what to do about it.


Well that ended quickly  I did not get the detention pay, the other driver is a screw-up type of person.  He idled the truck 2 days - again - and messed up the DEF system - again.  So, he ended up going to Peterbilt and I ended up having to pull that trailer out of there.  I actually contacted my manager after he said he would have to wait for quite a while to find out what's wrong.  My manager about had a cow - he should have left last night.  If he had left, the DEF system wouldn't have screwed up and yes, I would still be sitting down there for another night getting that delicious detention pay.

But it's whatever.  Just kind of irritated me because of this guy's screwups I didn't get what otherwise would have been mine: at least $350 in extra pay.  Anyway, she wanted that trailer back to the yard tonight, it's going back out tomorrow.  Ok, I'll get it there. On the way back, she sent me another trip sheet via texting: a load for me to take out tomorrow morning, with the trailer I am pulling, going straight back to Brownsville!  Lmao, I looked at the loading time: 6:15 am.

Now, I'll take that run without any complaining, it's going to be 3 brownsville runs on one paycheck and yes, that is going to be a very sweeeeeet paycheck.  BUT - there is no way I could get back tonight in time to get the required 10-hour break to give me a full clock again and I informed her of such, asking if she could get me a different loading time slot.  20 minutes later - I can have Mike preload it for you, will that be okay?  At least she asked and didn't try to dictate anything to me. 

But absolutely yes, please have him preload it.  I won't have to go to work til much later.  Like around 10:00 am. After this trip, I will be home for 2 days or a day and a half at least cause' I will be completely out of hours. 

Meanwhile, the boat mechanic sent me a video today.  He put the new spark plug wires and spark plugs on the engine, fired it up and got it going.  He then took a video of it. It was idling really nicely. I mean, if it sounds in person what it sounded like on that video, my engine idling woes are all but over.  Right now? It's far too cold for me to want to take a boat out on a lake.  He, however, said he was taking it to the lake to set the carbs again.  He's a few miles away from a boat ramp, I get that he doesn't have a water container big enough to set the engine into and have that back pressure created. 

The ATV?  Nothing. Lol, I haven't taken him the money yet to order the parts.  I was going to do that tomorrow - I had no idea I was going right back out again.  If I had the money here I would just hide it in a safe place and he can come get it - he comes up to our town all the time.  Oh well.

And, it's 25 degrees here right now. I walked into my room and it was freezing  cold in here. Yup, I fired up my rather large heater - but it's taking it quite a while to warm things up in here.  I'm going to have to get a thermometer in here so I can stop guessing the temp in this room. Low 60's anyway.  Like little dribbles of heat come out of the ceiling outlet, not even enough to warm the room up from the central heat. It's been an hour and it's still quite cool in this room, lmao.

However, I think it's time to go snuggle up in bed and get some sleep.  Another long day tomorrow....


Sunday, November 10, 2019

An entire day of drama and bullshit.

A trailer showed up down in Brownsville around 11:00 am. Good, I get to go home today.  Got that thing hooked up and took off.  A short time later?  I started getting texts from Maria.  The kid - the blowhard with the attitude - starting shit with her.  He was cussing her out, telling her to f***  off.  It was only the beginning of today's woes and misery with a clueless 18 year old kid that has anger issues up the ying-yang.

Nooooo, I have the timeline way off. It's been a long day. This shit started at around 8:00 am.  By the time I left the yard down there we were well on our path to earthly hell. It was a day filled with this kid cussing Maria out on multiple occasions, jabbing his knee into the dogs including mine, throwing things around and slamming doors.  The kid has serious issues. We knew that after he had  moved in and was in just a short time.  I still don't take any blame for this for I cautioned Maria before she rented it to him that this was likely going to cause problems.  He has no job, no work history, no income, to start with.

I'm going to skip a lot cause' it's too much to write all of it out - this literally went on all day long and into the night.  At some point I texted the kid and told him if he touches any of the dogs again, I'm going to call the police.  He did laughing emoji's and said what, are you going to tell them to arrest a kid for petting the dogs?  "Keep pushing it and you will find out".  Then he called me a "fuc**** baby" and that's when I took screen shots of all of it and sent it to his parents.

It was a few hours before the mom saw it and she had a meltdown. She went off about how she was going to deal with this and yada yada yada.  I wonder where she was the rest of his life? Or the father for that matter.  At the end of this ordeal and drama, mom did finally come over.  The boy wouldn't open his door for her - Maria was recording the whole thing.  Mom tried to coax him to open the door but finally gave him 5 minutes to open it or she would unlock the door herself and come in.  Well, she had to unlock the door. It went on for hours.  He wouldn't leave. She took his computer away from his - that's literally a part of him for all intents and purposes and he started very loudly protesting.

But she got it, took it out to the car and that's when he started to change his mind about leaving.  She ended up taking him to a homeless shelter about 45 miles from here - but they were closed, ie: not taking anyone in at night.  Most of them are like that, you have to get there early.

It was then and there at that facility that she sent a series of texts - alluding to bringing him back to the house.  NO way on earth that kid was coming back. He voluntarily handed over his key to the house, that's where it ended legally.  Maria got on that group text as well - she was beside herself by that point in time, she wouldn't even think about the possibility of this jerk-off kid coming back and told me in separate text she wouldn't open the door for them if they did show up.  In the end, the mom wanted to come and get his dirty laundry, Maria said fine, I'll leave it outside for you.  And she did exactly that, and wouldn't come out for them.

It was that bad.  I mean, I was furious after I found out that boy was sticking his knees into the dog's sides.  If that mom hadn't come over to get him, I would have definitely called the police yesterday.  The harassment and abuse he was heaping on Maria and messing with the dogs would be enough for them to at least come and have a "discussion" with the boy.

I started this post last night but finishing it today - now Sunday.  I got home late, around 11:00 pm, well I went to Maria's first to get the dogs and to chat with her for a few.  Today, I went over there and the across-the-street neighbor was also there.  We got all of this out of our systems.  Fortunately, we have weeks before the next rent payment is due, hopefully enough time to find another renter.

That's the story in a "nutshell". Just don't want to relive all of that.  I've gone through bad renters before, this one near the top of the "worst" heap. There were a couple worse than him, but not by much.  I knew my instincts were good about this kid, tho, when I first heard the story.  There's got to be more to this story than what the parents are telling Maria, I thought and expressed to her.  They are dumping him for some reason.  The boy really needs some serious therapy.

Anyway, it's already 2:00 pm.  I got up early this morning and headed to walmart to get dog food for the other house.  She apparently ran out because she said that I needed to get some before I leave again. I usually get much more of an advance warning, but it's cool.  James and Taylor are leaving soon to go up to Texarcana to get the youngest boy - he's been at grandma's for several days they were trying to see if they could help with him getting up all night long and screaming and crying. The word is that they made a "little" progress.  That doesn't really sound too encouraging. I don't hear much of it, sometimes if he's really screaming at the top of his lungs I'll wake up but mostly I sleep through it cause I'm on the other side of the house.  But, if he starts up again tonight, they'll have yet another sleepless night and then up for Monday work early.

The 4 wheeler problem has been diagnosed - bad carburetor, everything corroded.  Mechanic said he could replace all the stuff, but for the time spent and the kit, it would be cheaper to just order a new carb.  Well how much? I was thinking some ridiculous amount of money, he said $80.  Ohh, well let's do that.  And put in a new fuel pump while  you're at it - a $10 part.  And something else he said I can't remember what, but altogether $120 worth of parts.  I'm spending a  bit more on toys than i really want to, but once this stuff is all fixed I am hopeful that the spending part on repairs is over for a while.  Oh, the battery was bad, that's it.  I've heard nothing about the boat, just going to leave that alone until he figures out what's wrong with it.

As for the rest of today? Nothing.  I have one load of laundry and the rest of the time I'm going to relax.  Brownsville tomorrow morning. I'm the only one going down there, but today 2 went down. I'm hopeful that means there will be no empty trailers when I get there and at least overnight detention pay.  Would be very helpful in keeping my account balances up while paying for these repairs and parts.  I got really lucky, the first run is Stryker, Ohio - not my favorite run, I'll do it but it's at the bottom of the list of better paying runs - and Oklahoma- a not so good paying run that takes up two days and really isn't worth the time spent.  The only good thing  I like about that run is the casino, if I'm inclined to go. I haven't been in quite a while.

Oh, and Addler.  It was so bad, stressed out and negative atmosphere yesterday, he was not himself when I got him.  He had this look on his face and he wanted constant attention.  Not that that is totally unusual, when I come back from a run he wants that every time. But this went on for hours.  I stayed awake late last night just petting him and trying to calm him down a bit.  I think Addler was sensing Maria's state of being - which wasn't good with this kid cussing her out and all the rest of it.  He seems to be doing okay today.  My instinct the other day was to leave them at the house and I didn't follow through with that.  I'll listen to that instinct the next time if something like this ever happens again. They would have been far better off here, alone in the back yard than over there with all that drama going on.

Anyway, I'm getting off here.


Friday, November 8, 2019

Just a quick update this morning - at 4:00 am - getting ready for work.  Rudely awakened out of deep, restful sleep and some weird dream that I couldn't possibly explain why it happened the way it did or what the purpose of it was - but all of my dreams are weird if I happen to remember them when I wake up. 

I have never liked the first load and today is no different. It's too early, I've been sleeping in the last 4 days in a row - that's my fault but it sure felt good! I didn't get out of bed until 9:00 am yesterday lol.  Anyway, I went ahead and did the Southwest airlines tickets.  $201.96 total including taxes and fees.  That takes me to Sky Harbor right smack dab in the heart of Phoenix and the metropolitan area.  That was around $175 cheaper than the nearest other offering I could find either leaving out of  Dallas or leaving out of the small airport near here.

Well, excepting the cheap airlines like Spirit. Buying a cheap Spirit ticket is only the beginning. You have to literally pay for everything else.  Flying out of the local airport is limited to American Airlines and the cheapest ticket I could find for that was $383.  And they charge $25 for the first checked bag - each way - and $30 for the second.  I won't need 2 bags but that's another $50 I saved by going Southwest as well.  I probably won't like driving to Dallas, but the savings were too good to pass up.  And I've found a hotel that has paid parking for as long as you need it at $4 per night, with a free shuttle going every hour to the airport. 

I will remember - or try to anyway - that Southwest has online checkin 24 hours before the posted flight departure.  If I recall correctly, checking in as early as possible gets you in the first line of people boarding the plane.  Meaning you aren't back in the restroom area and when it's time to get off, you get off faster.  It truly sucks being the last person on the plane and trying to find that seat and somehow find room in the overhead to find a place for your bag or coat or whatever.  I check in a large bag tho, and I don't mind traveling with a large suitcase because I usually have stuff to bring back with me. 

Well that's my current excitement besides this kid at the other house who, for unknown reasons, texted me "GAMES!" and when I asked him what he was talking about and why he was contacting me, he called me a "f****** idiot" to which I responded that I was only a mile away from him and if he continued with the foul name calling, I would be coming over there and he could say that s*** to my face.  Not another word from him since then. Note I didn't threaten him, and literally wouldn't have done anything physical to him for he isn't worth jail time over and having that on my record, but I would have gone over there, that's a fact. 

Well, departure time has arrived, I'm headed to Brownsville again today. 


Thursday, November 7, 2019

I've decided neither of my more cherished holidays will be spent with family  If family wants to bicker and fight, let them, I'm just going to come in between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I won't see either of my brothers and that works for me.  I asked my manager if I can have Christmas off this year - citing the fact that I spent last Christmas in Defiance, Ohio, where nothing but a few hotels were open, including anywhere to get anything to eat in freezing temperatures.  She said OK.  Cool and then asked about getting off sometime next month - Ok. 

So that's my quest this morning - since I'm off for a 4th day in a row - to find whatever the cheapest airfare is from here to there.  Likely not going to go the Dallas route, when you factor in gas to drive there and back and high cost of parking, there isn't much savings over just leaving from two towns over here where parking is free and relatively short drive.  So far the $350 to $380 range is what I'm finding.  Mother has already promised me the use of one of her vehicles basically saying she wants me to stay with her the time I'm there.  All well and fine, but I have an agenda that I didn't get done last time that I definitely want to this time. 

The trip will intentionally contain an entire weekend so I can visit with some friends that are only available during that time, which I wasn't able to visit last trip, almost a year ago.  I never gave up on an overseas trip, I just put it on hold, btw, cause' I bought that boat. And after my solo trip around the lake 2 days ago, I can safely say that I'm not having any buyer's remorse.  It's still at the mechanic, more bugs to work out, hopefully we get that resolved soon. There is a leak, neither of us can find it.  He filled the entire hull up with water after I left it there and said nothing was coming out anywhere.  Water's going in but not coming back out? Weird.  He said he was going to hoist the boat off of the trailer to see if there is perhaps an opening where the boat sits on those carpet covered slats. 

As for the missing brownsville trip on my previous pay?  If I hadn't tracked down the problem, I would have never gotten paid that money.  $1,261.93 of money that would have just poof - disappeared.  They flat out paid the wrong driver for my trip.  I was certain of it after I saw the settlement sheet.  It had my detention pay, it had my breakdown pay in Harlingen for the trailer that came up from mexico that had been placed out of service, it listed my layover  - 10 hour break - in Combes, TExas where I had decided to spend the  night (not far from the facility where the trailer was repaired) it allllll matched up including the trip number.  It's a farce that I have to keep track of every single, payable movement I do with the company, but if I don't do it, I get screwed over.  This has been going on since I started at the company, yes, but it got worse after we merged to the giant corporation. 

Stuff pisses me off, really. Why can't these people get their shit together?  Why do drivers have to do their own investigations to find out what's happening to pay? Why are they missing ENTIRE runs - which has happened several times in the past - or now, mixing my pay up with someone else? And omitting entire sums of detention pay.  I call that pure and utter incompetence.  Ugh. This stuff really gets me fired up.  I've spent 2 days on this now, it's just disconcerting that if I hadn't of found this, not only would I have gotten shafted for that pay, another driver would have gotten away with taking it from me! Not that the other driver had anything to do with this, but he should have realized that he had received far more pay than he should have on the last paycheck.  I'm expecting that this money is added to my pay this week.  And now, this week's pay looks short as well. The pay is on one web site, the settlement sheets are sent via email. Those sheets have not been sent  yet - the get sent to me sometime today, I'll be researching that immediately. 

So what are they going to do with this other driver who got my pay?  I'll tell ya: they'll take it out of his next paycheck.  Which will probably piss the other driver off, but that's the breaks.  You shouldn't expect to keep pay that you didn't earn, I know I wouldn't. 

Soooo tempting.  Southwest airlines has round trip airfare for $200!  For the dates I want!  But it means driving to dallas.  Now that  is savings I would consider driving to dallas for.  Prepurchase cheaper parking - namely at a local hotel that has paid parking for the airport even if you don't stay at the hotel and has a free shuttle to the airport.  2 checked bags free.  American has no checked bags free and is rather pricey on their checked bags, I think the first one is $25 - each way. So that's $50 saved plus $150 minimum saved on the flight, that's $200 savings and then remove from that savings fuel to the airport and the parking fees.  Further tempting the deal, it has departure times for both flights that I am very much in love with.  Not red eye flights, either.  I pretty much resolved a long time ago I wouldn't do any more red eyes unless the deal was just too great to pass up or some sort of emergency that I needed to fly out for. 

I'm going to sit here and look for more deals, tho. I'd far prefer not to drive to Dallas Loves Field or DFW, which is even further away. 

Unfortunately for the other driver, I just received word: My missing pay will be added to tomorrow's paycheck and his paycheck will have that entire amount deducted from it.

Uggh. A trip to Walmart today.  I'm completely out of dog food and it's the only place with the large bags of Iams around here and at reasonable prices.  Really do NOT like going to Walmart!


Well yesterday certainly didn't turn out like I expected.  I was sitting in that truck yard (Brownsville) waiting for a trailer to show ...