Thursday, September 19, 2019

The biggest question for me today?
To go way around Houston or to attempt driving through it with that tropical depression Emelda lingering around over everything.  I'm not going to make it to Brownsville today if I get caught up in weather related flooding or accidents holding up the freeways through there.  Not to mention everyone slows down automatically when it's raining, often times when slowing down is unnecessary and just wasting time. 

I get it if visibility is reduced.  Many times that isn't a factor and they still go way under the speed limit and block the passing lane while doing it.  I mean, I don't care if you slow way down, just don't slow me down with you.  But they'll sit there at 50 mph or even slower in a 75mph zone and not pass or speed up or slow down to get out of anyone's way.  Often times they'll put on their flashers as if that's helping anything  - which it is not and authorities don't even recommend you do that. It's likely I'll try going around Houston, I just have no idea whether that extends the drive time too far to get down to Brownsville? 

But, I will check the traffic map for that city before I make my decision and that won't occur til' later on today.  The last time seriously heavy rain occurred in Houston and I was driving through, it flooded the service roads and turned them into lakes with cars submerged and even more cars that had tried to flee the flooding and drive up on the embankment.  It took 3 hours to get through there and that ruined my chances to get to Brownsville - and the delectable detention pay that is a staple of those runs when you do, indeed, get it. 

So, I'll just be thinking about that this morning.  I have the alt route planned, I've never taken it and it will definitely add at least 30 to 45 minutes to the drive.  So really, it's kind of more dependent on how long I get stuck at the plant today and how much of my on-duty time I have remaining after leaving there.  Because I usually have at least an hour left hour of drive time when I get to the yard in Brownsville. 

Mother - is doing much better now and finally got herself a new phone.  I may call or at least text her today and see how she's doing anyway tho.  She claimed that the doctor said she had some sort of virus. The paperwork appeared to say something different.  I dunno, just glad she's better. 

The boat mechanic is supposed to come tomorrow. I won't be there but I definitely want him to come and finish this motor project.  Okay, I'd rather be there when he is there and ask him some questions, but geeze, let's get on with this already!


Wednesday, September 18, 2019

El Dorado trip done and over with. Always a one day trip - at least - and considering it doesn't pay hardly anything it shouldn't take more than a day.

Only one load going out today.  That's how bad it is right now with the schedule.  Yet, yesterday, arriving in the yard there were only 3 trucks. The schedule has been light since last week so either people are going out on call duty or they are going home.  Otherwise, there should be at least 10 trucks sitting there.

Highly likely I will not get that nice Massachusetts run. I haven't been to that state in forever, would be nice to go just to see it - before winter gets here.  We must have picked up a new contract because I'v heard of this run for several months now.  Not many loads going up there, but it's a nice paying gig.  It's hard to live like this when you have no idea when you're going out next and your manager is never specific when you ask.

Or doesn't reply at all.  Which has always been normal for her, but still. Do you meal prep or not? Do you wait until the end of the day and hope you have a run "somewhere"? For example, if I did get the MA run, I'd want to know the morning before, like right now.  Spend the day cooking some stuff for the road.  It's a 7 day trip I think. 6 anyway.

But, if I'm going to Brownsville, not so much pre cooking. In fact, I can get away with none at all if it came down to it, with the Stripes gas station selling baked, half-chickens I can wing it for eating. Just get some veggies and some heavy whipped cream and a few other oddities for the road and I'm set.

It tout the Keto diet everywhere I go when the subject of diets comes up - and amazingly that subject comes up pretty often.  You see a heavy-set person and they are talking to another heavy-set person about diet and Keto just pops out of my mouth.  I tell them if you've tried other diets that have failed, try this one.  It will work if you follow it correctly.  And it works fast.  I got into that discussion yesterday at the guard shack at the plant I was at.  The drawback for everyone is always when you go down the list of things you can't eat, which is probably 90% of what any given person has been eating up until that point.  Lots of negatives but the huge positive is results.

Today? I have let the back yard go.  I mean, I don't do anything with it now because of the neighbors uphill of us.  They simply will not clean up the years old mess back there and every single time it rains, all of that s*** comes floating over onto our property and I just got to the point where I had had it.

Think of spending hours sweeping or using a blower to clean up twigs, branches, dirt, leaves and debris and then the next day a rain comes and their yard dumps all over yours?   Hours of wasted effort.  Really started getting to me and so I just stopped.  Well, James told me last night that they had finally cleaned up over there. I haven't been outside yet, remains to be seen but I'll go take a look in a few.  If they really did, I'll do a light cleanup and see what happens. Wait, maybe not. It's supposed to rain today so that kind of nixes that plan.  Hard to sweep or blow wet concrete.


Day over.  Next trip sent. I dunno, I would say my manager screwed up, but this week's schedule is way messed up, light less than half the runs we would normally have.  I didn't get the Massachusetts run, but I didn't expect it.  I did  get a Brownsville run, the other alternative tomorrow was a Houston run. Another worthless run that takes up a day - or if a split trip - 2 days. 

I'm happy to get the Brownsville run. The one I did 2 weeks ago that had me down there 2 nights was worth $1,600. That's just 3 days out. I'd gladly take another of those, but even at mileage and stop pay only I'm good with it.  Oh, and my company did reimburse me the hotel stay.  The next time I get stuck down there 2 nights and my manager doesn't respond to my text for a hotel? I'm going to Marriott.  That's what the company gives - I won't get their rate and I don't care.  I'll get reimbursed and that's that. 

Oh, and yes, they did clean up their back yard next door!! I was shocked.  It was allllllllll cleaned up, the only thing on the ground was the leaves that have fallen off the trees since they did it.  I love trees, I really do, but these trees?  Can burn.  I would say struck by lightning but they are so big they would crush this or their house if they fell on either and anyone in it's way would be quite dead.  These trees are HUGE. 

Well, time to go to bed. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

It's Sunday night.
I haven't worked since I got back Thursday.  I assume I have nothing until Tuesday.
Although I know we're slow, we are never that slow.
I have, however, decided that the time off is good and so I am just going with the flow.

Monday morning, however, I'll be be contacting my manager for work on Tuesday. No way I should have to sit 5 days unless we just went dead broke dead on work.

Well anyway.
The dude showed up - james and taylor's friend - today with the family actually.  Wife and son.  I came to the understanding quickly he didn't have any knowledge about boat motors. Not a problem, I found someone anyway this morning to come over.  They came over to party lol. The kid with their kids and them with all of us.

Well, after I got to that understanding I went ahead and had the mobile mechanic come out.  I found him on Facebook in an ATV/off road local group and away we go.

When he got there, he started chuckling. "I know this boat".  That didn't sound good.  Oh, how's that?  I worked on this thing for a guy not long ago.  2 + 2 still equals 4. I immediately deduced he was the guy that sold the boat to James and was the middle man. He confirmed my conclusions.  Yup, the guy that owned it wanted rid of it.  I had rebuilt the carbs, but we needed to get the boat into a body of water to adjust them.

When we got out there, he continued, he told the man that he had to adjust all 3 carbs on it and that it would take a bit to do it. The man who owned the boat got mad and said f*** this, I just want to get rid of this boat!  He wouldn't allow him to finish the work and they left, sold the boat - to me but through James and that was that.

Umm, so we were at the same place he left off. "Do you have a 55 gallon drum or something we can put the engine in? Cause' the only way to properly adjust the carbs is with the boat in water and having that back-pressure".  Um, no, I'm not sticking the thing into my Koi pond.  "well when we're going to have to go to a lake to finish this".

I wanted to visit with these folks, not go to a lake. I mean, yes i want to go to the lake with the boat but in running condition and with everything that needs to be done - done.  We ain't there yet. Getting much closer, but not there yet.  I did not, however, verbalize those sentiments. I immediately said yes! let's go!  In fact, we weren't even going to float the boat, we were going to back the thing into the water far enough to get the lower unit in the water so the impeller can pump water to cool the engine.

This prospect wasn't as terrifying as actually attempting to launch the boat...until we got there.  A "primitive" site, the ramp was very steep and no pier. In fact, it was just a dirt lot and this ramp going at a maybe 35 degree angle? Whatever it was, it was more than I wanted to deal with the first time backing a boat trailer into the water. But we were there, no turning back. Not to mention the place was less than a 15 minute drive from the house.

Well, I backed the thing down into the water until he told me to stop. Then, we got it going - eventually - but it was running erratic.  Not smooth at all and kept dying out.  A single ramp, two other vehicles parked with boats already in the water, didn't really expect to see a bunch of people showing up there. I mean, this place is dirt, weeds a cement ramp and nothing else.  We were blocking the ramp for a while until a family floated a ski boat in.  They started asking questions. We'll move out of the way.  No, we're not ready yet, they had just floated the boat up to the shore to get the truck and do whatever they were doing.

Well let us know when you want to use the ramp and we'll move.  20 minutes later - we'd like to load our boat. So, this mechanic was taking the engine apart anyway.  I told him I want the thing working properly, I don't want anything half assed and I want the motor to purr like a kitten. Or as close to it as possible.  It was then I found out he had done a compression check on the cylinders previously and found them all at 125 excepting one at 123. Perfect.  The amount of compression in each cylinder isn't as important as the compression being within 10 pounds of pressure of each other.  That made me very happy to hear.

After pulling it out of the water,  he began researching online, calling people and making discoveries. The fuel pump needs rebuilt and there is a vacuum leak.  He got the thing running as smooth as possible with those deficiencies, but a vacuum leak will cause the engine to run bad and so will a fuel pump problem.  Bad bladder.  We put the thing back into the water after all of that so he could adjust the carbs, regardless of those problems, he said, he could get the carbs set and we wouldn't have to go back there to test again.  No matter to me, I had no idea that reservoir was that close.

We were there a long time and I observed people launching boats and retrieving them back onto the trailers. They were all much smaller, tho, I had my doubts about it going so smoothly with this bigger thing, but it's all the same principle.  I also watched a lot of jet skis being put out into the water, including a group of people that had brought two of them.  After they had launched, pretty simple thing after watching it for such a small thing, they had to sit there and jump start from one to the other one of them. Then, the thing took a while to get going. And after a while of this - they took off out of sight.

I saw them over an hour and a half later.  Both of them had died on the water and they were swimming, pulling them back.  A girl had swum ahead of them proclaiming to us that they had just spent the last hour pulling them back by swimming.  It's a wonder to me that the other boats that had launched didn't see them and help them, but the main portion of the lake/reservoir is out of site of that ramp so I just assumed no one saw them.

A family of 5 in this small boat also came floating into view. I couldn't imagine having that many people on a boat that size - but they seemed perfectly content.

Well, after the carbs were set I headed home. He said he would get the parts and come back tomorrow and finish the job. Fine by me.  He also sold me his "transom saver" - its a bar that attaches to the lower unit of the motor and rests against the trailer. It keeps the engine from bumping around and eventually breaking the transom.  I have seen them, it's a bar with rubber covered protrusions on each end.  I have also read you should have one. Yup, well I hadn't gotten that far, so I bought his after he offered to sell it to me.


Monday.  I expect today to be the last day of the "vacation" that isn't really a vacation.  I haven't even contacted my manager yet about the 4 days off, whether it was intended or an oversight.  The boat repair guy is supposed to come back today and finish the job, I did just contact him and awaiting a reply.  He showed me nicks in the hull, well, pointedly where the boat has been captured back on the trailer that needed addressing, gave me a tube of Marine JB weld and said that would definitely do the trick for such small holes.  They aren't holes per se, not all the way into the hull.  They're deep scrapes where he said water would probably seep through.

Thankfully, the bilge pump works lol. Anyway, I just got done from climbing all the way underneath the boat and applying the weld to about 7 places. only 2 of them were deep enough to really warrant the stuff but since I was under there, might as well.  Upon closer inspection of the transom at the bottom, there is some minor hull damage right a the corner about 4 inches long It's obviously they ran it into something because it's all chipped off there.  I applied a goodly amount of the weld there and hoping that will solve the problem. If it doesn't, I wouldn't expect a huge repair bill from the shop that specializes in fixing such things.  But I will see if the JB weld does the trick first, ie: take the thing out on to the lake and see if there is still water entering in through the bottom.

Also going to ask about various openings in the sides of the water craft, what they're for and are they potentially letting water in?  The only one I know of for sure that would let water in is a plug at the bottom of the thing that you are supposed to pull off after every outing.  Any water build up in there will just flow out of that plug opening.  And contrarily, leaving that plug out would sink the boat, lol.

It's nice to be home alone.  Yesterday was a consortium of people over and screaming kids.  A little solitude - with the dogs of course but they aren't a bother - is very nice.  I'll have to attempt to get my mind functioning in work mode, a thing I always find difficult to do after I've had some time off.  But it's time to go back to work and make some money.


Boat back at the other house, light fixture exchanged at Lowe's, food picked up for dinner - if I don't cook there may not be dinner, laundry, etc etc etc.  Normal household chore stuff.  And word back that the mechanic won't be back until Wednesday or Thursday 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁

Oh well.  Nothing I can do about it.  I still have that list of stuff that you are required to have on the boat to buy.  Just not buying anything else until the motor is dialed in.  I just thought it a bit disconcerting he told me he was coming back today and now backing it off by 3 or 4 days.  However, the only thing over that I paid him yesterday was for the fuel pump kit, so to "lose" that money would be losing $23.  But, even tho he's changed the date, I don't think he's a ripoff.

And now, confirmation. The big account that was going to shut down for a month and a half - has  shut down.  It's at least 10 loads a week gone.  Some drivers have been "sent out of the system". By their own choice, they get to some other division temporarily until work picks back up.  If I can't get anything more than one load every 4 days, I'm going to have to do that as well.  One load every 4 days is just that load per paycheck. Might be close to okay, might be shit.

What I got? Shit.  The worst, lowest paid run we have to El Dorado.  It's a day trip almost always, a 14 hour day, but a day trip never-the-less.  When I asked her about what's going on, she simply replied that she could send me out into the system.  She gets defensive too easily, too quickly. I didn't even say anything offensive or abrasive, I was just inquiring as to what was causing the slowdown, not complaining about the run.

Friday, September 13, 2019

So, I'm on Facebook wishing my mother a happy birthday and seeing nothing from her.  Weird.  She's usually on enough to at least see such posts.  I was out driving down to Brownsville, I was going to call her and wish her a happy birthday, when I started receiving texts from my oldest brother.

I don't get texts from him, or my other brother for that matter, something must be up.  Mother had been to the hospital, had taken an Uber, lost her phone, purportedly left it in the Uber. Alarms went off - if mother went to the hospital, something serious has to be wrong cause' she doesn't just get up and go to the hospital.  Today, he sent a text showing the hospital's doctor's statement of what was up.

It was all doctor jibberish to me, might as well have written in Chinese.  I gathered from the paper that she had some sort of thyroid problem but the rest of it? I have no clue what any of that meant. Worse, my oldest brother didn't know either, hence the reason he posted pics of the statements to us to see if we could make anything of it.  My middle brother is a paramedic, so he eventually got on there and said everything looked "fine".

Again, mother does not go to the hospital because she's "fine".  She's up in her 80's. Things may affect her worse than earlier in life.  I dunno, I can't talk to her because - she doesn't have a phone. My oldest brother is an extreme minimalist in giving out info. He doesn't like the family, he loves his mother I believe but the rest of us can go to hell - and has been that way since he's been a child.  Growing up with him was like growing up with a ghost brother. He was only around when he was forced to be at the house.  He had nothing to say to any of us.  I don't know what is wrong with him, I never will.  I accept that I cannot change my family, but I also accept that I don't have to have much of anything to do with them, either.

I'll get the information I need when Caleb goes over there on Saturday. I intend on having him hand mother the phone.  Again, I have zero info on what actually happened to her, I just know that she's home, got up out of bed after being in bed for a day and is moving around.  I didn't find out about the hospital visit until after she went home.  Very disconcerting.  I mean, to the point that if I don't find out some info soon, I'm flying to Phoenix and I'll see what's going on with her.  That's my resolve.  But I think when Caleb goes I should be able to get a LOT more information than my oldest brother cared to share - although that's probably all the info he has because that's all he probably cared to find out.

My brothers are like strangers to me.  That's all I will say about that at this point in time.

It's midnight thirty here.  Yes, that's 12:30 am, just my way of saying it lol.

That makes it Friday early morning.  On Wednesday - the second day off in a row and relaxing, doing much of nothing and enjoying that status - I texted my manager about whether I was going out tomorrow - which would have been Thursday.  I didn't receive a reply right away and I just put it out of my mind. Not unusual to not get a response from her about upcoming work, I don't get pushy, I just ask the question and let it ride until she has time to give me an answer.

Well, instead, I got a phone call back a couple of hours later.  You want to go down to Brownsville and pick up a trailer?  I knew we weren't short on trailers, the yard was starting to get full again.  This was a mission to bobtail down there - bobtailing is driving the semi tractor without a trailer attached to it - get an empty and bring it back.  We didn't need an empty, the yard is full of them. Several of them are trailers that can be used in Mexico.  I wasn't gonna argue tho, I said yes. Got my stuff, got the dogs, took them to the other house, got to the yard, in the truck and headed down to the border.

Hence, the reason I'm awake at midnight thirty.  Cause she didn't call me about that run until it was after noon, meaning not getting out of the yard until almost 2:00 pm.  It set me up for failure in Houston. Both going down and coming back I was smack dab in the middle of their version of a rush hour, which I can tell you is as bad as most anywhere you will find them.

So tomorrow. Well, I think I'll drive on up to the upholstery place and take a lookit the boat. It was out there in front the other day, looked like they had replaced most everything - but that was from a distance.  I didn't stop, just didn't feel compelled to.  Give them as much time as they need to get the job done right and not make them think I want a rush job or something.  But it's been there a while now, so I do want to see what's been done.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Nothing too great.
Driving on Sunday is great for traffic, terrible for my psyche.  That's a I-want-to-stay-home-and-do-nothing-day.  It wears me out.  I was awfully tired this morning.

OOOH MY.... the dogs smell TERRIBLE!! What on earth have the been into?!!!! Gross!

My goodness, I may have to throw them clean on out of here tonight, that is disgusting!  Smell like death, rotting garbage and a bit of skunk thrown in.  Okay, maybe not THAT bad, but it's pretty bad ugh.

Last night was quite trying when I arrived at that yard down there. There was only one parking spot available for the trailer I was pulling. Clear in the back of the lot, in a corner.  The lot was so full that they had dropped empty trailers in front of trailers on the lines.    The only way to get the trailer back in there was at an extreme angle relative to the spot, and then just as the tandems on the trailer started to pass the corner of the trailer on one side, crank the truck steering tires the opposite direction and try to jackknife the thing in there. 

It was late, it was dark, I was tired and I had to get out like 15 times to walk back there and make sure I wasn't about to run into the trailer on the other side, my blind side. That's that kind of backing where you expect to have a spotter help guide you in.  I'm not joking, either, I got my exercise last night just getting in and out of the truck. A good way to get fired? Just back a trailer into one of the other company's trailers. 

Well, I got it in there. Then I thought there were no empties because the other 3 trailers were on the concrete slabs, normally meaning they were full. Otherwise, they just drop them on the dirt.  But I checked the water meter gauge - tells you if there's any fluid in it or not - 0 inches.  Gag.  No detention pay : (  Well whatever, I went to the new Love's truckstop which was totally full - excepting the bobtail spaces where I parked, went to bed, got up this morning, go under the trailer and got out of there.

And now? Worn out.  It was cool tho, that when I got back to the yard they were having yet another BBQ cookout and they offered me some.  It was amazingly good! They had lightly smoked the meat with cherry wood chips and had marinated it with whatever - it was really good stuff.  They have a culture there of eating together if any of the regulars who are actually social are there.  There are plenty there are very unsocial and don't like to talk to anyone unless they are bitching about something. 

But these guys are good guys and fun to hang out with.  The manager showed up about the time I pulled into the yard - she had a newborn baby.  Sleeping, quiet little thing.  I asked how it was related if at all? Oh, you know the 16 year old girl we took in?

Okayyyy.  16 year old having babies!  That'll change your life forever.  Especially at that age.  No judgement from me, it's whatever. Condoms work tho!  Lol  Grandma was happy, didn't want to poo poo on her party. 

And arriving at the other house has turned into a entertainment/shit show.  This 18 year old kid has no manners.  Has no work ethic.  Has no schedule to do anything.  He plays his video games and he sleeps and he eats. He has no social life excepting what I assume through the games he plays, you know, like talking to people on group games while you're playing? I'm only assuming he does that, I have no clue if he really does. He's very unsociable.  He got made at the ladies today because the other lady tenant didn't invite him with them to go get DQ blizzards. 

His parents came over yesterday and told him they weren't going to pay for next month's rent, he needs to go get a job.  His parents. Again, I hate to judge, but how do you raise a boy to be that socially awkward, self-centered, introverted and stuck up?  They basically lied about the whole situation to get rid of him.  I wasn't a part of any of those discussions so I don't know what was actually said, I am going by Maria's retelling of the stories.  I can only say that I gave my hesitations about getting an 18 year old in there, especially if parents are bringing him there, out of THEIR house. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. 

It isn't a ghost, but it sure sounds like it has the stink to high heaven problem.  And it did.  I was right, but I didn't rub it in.  Just knew this would turn into a problem.  This kid doesn't want to work and he doesn't care.  He'll have to sell his high dollar gaming computer to pay for next month's rent.  I'm assuming the parents paid the thousands of dollars that thing cost.  It's not that they can't afford to pay his rent next month, I assume they are trying to wean him off the bottle. They should have started that process - about what, 17-1/2 years ago?  And then dumping this shit onto someone else, leaving out large portions of what's actually going on?  And trying to say they "thought he would be more motivated to get a job"?  Do they think the rest of us are that dumb?  You throw the boy out by leading him to a prepaid room and think that that is going to magically change him? 

What he needs is boot camp.  Or some similarly structured environment that is disciplined and has rather rigid structure concerning your daily schedule.  Anyway, I stay tuned to this situation intently since I am directly involved with it.  Regardless, he could probably sell that computer for a grand, easily.  But - he would be a totally miserable adult child.  I don't take pleasure in other people's suffering - unless they're people like Isis - but at the same time, it would be a nice wake-up call. 

Enough of that. Tomorrow I'll run to 2 towns over and get the new starter, get some other stuff done while over there, head back here and take the starter to the shop where the boat is.  I want to see if any progress has been made - I have no reason to suspect they haven't I just want to see it - and use the starter as an excuse. Actually, I want to put that starter in and take the new one that doesn't work out and get it sent back and get my money back.

I hate that Sears went out over there in that town. They shut that huge, giant store down.  I liked clothes shopping there and looking at things such as grills and tools and such.  Really a dynasty gone south.  I really liked Sears, I know they were a dying brand but it was one of my favorite places as a kid and I still like it today.  Internet shopping is fine, but a big brick and mortar such as that one is pretty cool with all the diversity of items they have. 

Well, it's getting latish. Not really late but enough. Time to go to sleep. 

Sunday, September 8, 2019

I've been following with interest this Walmart decision to stop selling pistols and ammo for certain guns and their decision to not allow open carry in their stores.

Conservatives and Republicans went bat-shit crazy over that last part and declared boycott! Walmart!

They apparently didn't read a few lines further in all of those stories that they were not banning concealed carry.  This makes perfect sense to me.  I never open carry.  I think it's just asking for trouble.  You also might be making yourself a target in the advent of one of these mass shootings - that guy has a gun, the killer thinks, shoot him first. 

Highly likely you will never encounter in your entire lifetime a situation where you will need to draw that gun on anyone, so why open carry anyway? I can see it out hiking in the wilderness, you want it easily accessible to pull in case of a confrontation with a wild animal.  But even if you got into that kind of confrontation, you still may not need to use it.  The fact that an animal is staring you down does not mean it will attack you - been there and done that on countless occasions.  No need to senselessly shoot the poor animal if it just turns around and walks away or if you slowly back off from it.

So I find my fellow conservative arguments about this Walmart decision ridiculous.  It's also private property, which nullifies this idea that it is somehow a "public space".  I don't know where conservatives came up with these arguments, but they are wrong.  Walmart can make any decision about what they allow in their stores, all they want, it's their property, they get to make those rules.  If we're going to be consistent as conservatives, certainly you should be looking at property rights. Do you want the government to come telling you what you can and cannot do with respect to guns and other people having them on your property?

Talk about opening up a can of worms! 

Them decided to stop selling pistols and certain ammo is also their business.  They don't sell pistols at the Walmarts anywhere in this region.  They sell hunting rifles and shotguns, yes.  They sell ammo for some of the pistols that they are going to discontinue, yes. It might cause me to have to pay more if I decide to buy ammo locally, otherwise I can order it online cheaper than I can buy it at any brick and mortar store.

When I see people proclaiming they are boycotting a store, I always wonder if they ever went to that store in the first place?  I'm guessing not.  I am not boycotting Walmart, but I rarely go there. I hate those stores.  Just despise going into them.  Weirdos and people wanting to start trouble and arguing, I don't need all of that s***.  I almost exclusively only go in there for dog food now.  Occasionally I'll buy some work jeans and some socks and such, but very rare.  So if I were to say I was boycotting Walmart, it wouldn't really be any kind of statement at all.  I suspect that is true with a lot of these people making such claims.

Now, if I were to boycott the local Krogers, I spent at least $600 a month there, probably a lot more. I don't really keep track.  It would be foolish for me to boycott them, they are my main source for groceries.  There are 2 Super 1 food stores, but they have limited selection and higher prices.  Anyway, this current situation with conservatives making all of these statements is baffling to me. 

Well enough of that.  I am about to go off to work.  Brownsville, it's a Sunday, should be a relatively easy ride down there - especially the Houston part of it.  I'd rather stay home and sleep in today, but making money isn't terribly shabby,either. Have to earn that dough to pay for the boat upholstery!


Saturday, September 7, 2019

Well it's Saturday morning. The neighbor's 30 year old son came ringing the doorbell and then pounding on the door earlier, waking me up out of a peaceful sleep.  It wasn't early, but I could have taken another hour or so of sleeping in.  His only statement was that his mom had left town for the weekend, but the dog was outside, are y'all taking care of the dog?  Yup, we're dealing with the dog.  So he went into a long statement of how he had told her he would take care of  the dog and yada yada yada, I simply told him we had it covered.

"I guess I'll go back to Longview then". Yes, that sounds like a good idea, closed the door and hoped the kids weren't awakened by the door bell or the pounding on the door.  Which they weren't.  But the dogs wanted out, naturally, so I had to hope that wouldn't make too much noise as well.  It didn't, thankfully, you want those kids to sleep as late as possible.

Anyway, I got back into town from Oklahoma early yesterday, like 9:30am.  So it gave me the entire day to enjoy being home and another entire day today before heading back down to Brownsville tomorrow.  I got lucky on that one, one of the drivers declared she was taking some time off and passing the run onto someone else - which just happened to be me next in line.  I was slated for an El Dorado trip, the worst paying trip you can get in this division of this company. A complete waste of time.

Brownsville is, by my manager's definition, behind again and causing everyone to have to wait.  I'll be happy with another 2 day wait? Tomorrow is Sunday and almost never do they have a trailer available on Sunday even when they are "caught up". And there should be a driver or two ahead of me, I can only hope to stay down there til' Tuesday and have another nice paycheck in a row.

The guy at the starter placed called me - an hour after I had come home from that town. Your started is in, he left a message cause I had the ringer turned off. Well, no biggies, the boat is in the shop for 2 weeks but I don't want to leave this guy hanging either.  Get the starter and maybe even go over to the shop and see about installing it to make sure it's the right one - tho this starter guy seems to know his stuff quite well, I'm fairly confident it will be the right one. But then, I could send the one back that I bought that was the wrong one and get my money back for that one.

As for today?  Probably going to smoke a pork butt that I was going to the other day - or put it  in the freezer and do something different.  Not sure I'm in the mood for pulled pork today.  I could crockpot it but it wouldn't have that nice, smoky taste that makes it so wonderful.  Of course, I could smoke it for 2 or 3 hours and then dump it in the crockpot.  A bit of indecision here. Lol.


Well now we have a problem. The house central AC isn't working. It tries to turn on but it won't fire up.  I suspect a bad capacitor again, but, as with everything around here, those types of places that sell that stuff? Not open on the weekends.  But, the line is frozen?  So it's not the capacitor. 

I've got it narrowed down to either the fan capacitor on the inside unit or the fan motor itself.  The fan tries to come on when you hit the switch. Its still a bit cool in the house, but it's 98 degrees outside, it's going to heat up in here - excepting my room, I've got that AC turned down to 67 so it will stay on and keep the room cook, coupled with my giant ceiling fan to help circulate that cool air. 

This stuff always has to happen on the weekends.  You can't just take the motor out and take it parts place and have it tested. They aren't open.  Calling out an AC tech - add hundreds of dollars for weekend/emergency work, if you can find anyone to come out.  These small, old towns are set in their ways.  I just know I"m not going to burn up and I already offered my room to them. I could take the dogs to the other house and stay the night in the semi, I have to get up early anyway. 

In my view, it's not worth calling them out here on the weekend.  I've had that situation and I've had them charge me to come out and then tell me they can't get the parts until Monday - and that was in Phoenix, a huge, giant city. If they can't do that there, I doubt we're finding anything here to deal with this.  No sense in paying the extra money for something you likely aren't going to be able to get fixed right away anyway - and - paying extra for after hours/emergency service.  I'ts not an emergency. I'll be out of here until Monday night at the earliest, but highly likely Tuesday. My room is cool, the AC isn't turning off now in my window but it's keeping up with it.  It's a 12,000 BTU unit. However, the room is very large lol. 

I dunno, but Taylor is taking a nap, there aren't any parts available, they will have to make a decision when she gets up.  I don't consider this my problem.  I can help with financing fixing it if needed, but I don't feel I should pay for this.  I'm just glad I have my own AC unit. Otherwise? I would be heading towards the cheap, $35 per day hotel down the street. Strike that, since I"m going out tomorrow, I'd be taking the dogs to the other house and going to the yard. There is nothing wrong with being at the yard the night before and not having to get up so early . They can stay cool without having to make rash decisions and I will stay cool in my truck. 

That's that. That's where this day has gone. We were having fun before we got 

The biggest question for me today? To go way around Houston or to attempt driving through it with that tropical depression Emelda lingering...