Tuesday, September 20, 2016

There is a problem with the new lady tenant.
She has no social life.  Beisdes the people in the house.
She is also obviously wanting to find a relationship with someone.
Now, I don't mind the talking until it starts getting repetitious.

But today, when I got home from work, I just wanted to sit out back, alone, with the dogs, and just think in quietness.
Okay, not total silence, the dogs were going crazy and that's fine, I'm a fan.  Well, their craziness drew her from the from porch to the back, where she began attmepting to invoke her vast amounts of knowledge about dogs to me about the behavior they were exhitibiting.  I was trying to be nice so I just nodded my head and agreed with her.

Nothing she said was news to me. But that wasn't really the bad part, the bad part is when she started saying the same things, over and over and over - and over - and over - 15, 20 times.  I'm just internally getting extremely irritated with this. Make your point, don't repeat it 15 times, I don't care how important you think it is.  I went out there to get away from people.  I don't have the need for being around people all the time.  This is a pattern that has been a part of me since I was a little boy.  I could play with other kids but I was just as happy playing by myself.  Something of that carried over into  adulthood.  I like being around people but I don't have to be aorund them to enjoy life.

I'm afraid I am going to have to confront her on all of this stuff and I guess I would rather do that before it becomes explosive inside of me. I never did get the alone time back there. I was out there for 45 minutes and she talked non-stop.  No, seriously, non-stop. Her male friend lives here as well, but he's a total loner.  He sits in his bedroom all day and night, rarely ever coming out.  He talks on the phone with whoever and he just ordered the Direct TV package that gives you every single channel in their lineup incluidng NFL package.

He talks to her but obviously this isn't fulfilling her needs.  I'm not sorry to say that I dont feel inclined to be that person.  She either needs to find a boyfriend - and that person won't be me - or get her own dog that she can have in the room all day long.

There are always some sort of conflicts with having tenants in a house, which is why I made myself as low-maintenance as possible when my now-friends who own this house were living here and we got along very nicely.  We reeally did.  A few quirks here and there but nothing major.  So what do I do about this?  I don't know.  If you don't respond to her? Ie, sort of the cold shoulder but not exactly that, what does she do? Just talks and talks and talks - and talks - and taaaaaaaaaaaaaaalks.  You can't get a word in edgewide unless you speak over the top of her.

Whatever. I'll figure this out somehow.  I could disappear into my room but I don't have TV in there and can't watch the news and movies.  I could get a receiver in there but I actually like sitting out in this living room.  She mostly leaves me alone in here, at least.  No, I don't invite her to sit down and watch TV or talk. I don't want to bad mouth her or anything, this is really my problem that I need to learn a way to deal with.

Well anyway, i was talking with the lady homeowner - Taylor - yesterday via texting - she is into texting and I can deal with that.  We were discussing the projects I was doing and all kinds of things, really.  She was lamenting having to have to move there.  She then tld me that they had been talking about me the previous night.  Well, we decided that when we return, we really want you to stay with us.  The kids can stay in a single room together and that's too bad for them! I thought it cool that there are people around that actually want my presence around.

I will certainly consider it.  I think if I were to stay, whichever room I end up in will have to have a big time upgrade.  In fact, I'm going to have to do something with the lady tenant's bathroom.  I was going to do that before but once I moved out of there it just fell out of my mind as my head got filled up with the pressing projects outside.  I'm not a fan of living in a house that is an eyesore tothe rest of the neighborhood.  The back yard can be done at whatever pace and be put low on the priority list, but the front yard should be looking good.

I'm tired.  I am not feeling too great, etiher.  Some kind of head cold going around and I started feeling a scratchy throat and general not feeling good stuff.  I took some Vitamin D3 and zinc.  About to take at least 3,000 milligrams of Vitamin C. It hasn't hit me full fledged yet, I dont' even know if it's a cold, it just feels like one.  Anway, going to bed early tonight.  Looks like I have a run down south tomorrow, which if so, I can handle.  If I have to hang out at the yard and I feel like I am now? I'll probably go home.

The only other thing I will say in this entry is that I found my coffee can.  I have no idea how I could have put it in the pantry/laundry room.  I was moving from one room to another and apparently I thought it a good place to put it out of the way while moving. I had forgotten about it until I decided I wanted to put my gold chains on again....and couldn't find it anywhere.  Happy to find it is all I can say considering cahs, rings and gold chians.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

As I suspected, motivation levels dwindled this weekend. I feel like doing nothing.  This was a particular busy week at work and yesterday ended with hours of labor pulling a huge order frying in the sun and humidity.  It was so hot, I was begging for the day to be over.  I pulled almost all of that order and then was about to go inside to clock out - when the warehouse dude came out and said no, they are all cleaning in there, you are exempted from that - obviously because I was working and they were not.

He eluded to wanting me to stay longer and finish. I didn't say no, exactly, I just said can't this wait until Monday or does this need to be finished today?  Well, why don't you just come in at 7 am Monday and you can finish then.  Cool. twice this week I came in "early" - which used to be our normal time and here we  go with Monday starting early as well,

I did get  new tires on the front of my car earlier and left my car at a shop to have the oil changed - walked home.  I'm driving highway speeds which aren't slow and I had had thoughts this week that I better get those fronts changed out.  I'm just hopeful to get another 30 to 50 k miles out of that car.  I really don't much care for it anymore, I've just been driving it for like 8 years and wish I could get into something different. While walking home, the next door neighbor's kid showed me his friend's new truck.  A Dodge 4 door cab with 8 foot bed, nice intererior, older but still in good shape.  How much? $1,500.  What? How do you buy a truck like this for that kind of money?

It had a bad engine, they just happened to have a good one at their house. That truck is easily worth 5k. They are replacing the F250 at work with a new one, the old one will be available to buy.  But that thing has been abused.  The tail gate is trashed, the are dents and scrapes on the sides, the driver's side mirror has been destroyed, etc etc etc.  This is our quality drivers destroying the thing.  Depends on how much they want for it, but it's the good ole' boy's club, if a long time person wants it, it doesn't matter how much I offer for it, they won't sell it to me.

I still have this non functioning Jeep Cherokee on the side of the house that I would like to get running and get rid of it.  Sell it for whatever I can get out of it and be done with it. They just have far too bad ratings from very unhappy owners that say the things will break down frquently.  I can see using it to tow a trailer with my 4 wheelers on it - if it stops working oh well, but not to drive to work.

No, I haven't given up on land.  I just can't do anything until I get my credit score back up and the mortgage company still hasn't updated it.

Well, my trip to Lowe's produced nothing. I have yet another dog now that can jump the fence.  i was going to install thosed angled things you put on top  of chain link fence and then wrap barbed wire around it.  Neither Lowe's nor Home Depot sells that stuff.  Or Tractor Supply.  Lol, I gave up looking, but a 25 foot chain and a post you drive into the ground and we are going to start training her.  Get out of the yard? Get put on that chain for an hour.

I did find those arms online though at a good price. Fixing to order enough of them to cover both front portions and partial down the sides. I'm not sure if I'm going to have to surround the entire yard, that would get to be a bit much.  2 rolls of barbed wire (at least) and a large number of those arms, just not really interested


Much later.  Walked Addler up to the shop to get my car back from getting oil changed - which is an amusement in itself walking that dog and all the reactions - driving back, very short distance and i get a call.  Guy is here to work.  Well that guy didn't bother to shop up at 10:00 am which he said he was going to by his own offering and when he didn't he also didn't bother to contact me and tell me he isn't coming.  Well he was there, standing on the porch so I thought okay, put him to work.

I am not giving him the stuff I don't mind doing, I'm giving him the stuff I definitley do not want to do.  Shovelling dirt and hauling it to the creek out back.  I was in no mood to work today, so I didn't; 15 straight days of buting @$$ and I just decided I needed today off.  The front of he house is slowly transforming including the grass seed  I planted is growing.  There's plenty more to go but today was another good haul. In my world and from my experience, it's rare to find a person that will actually work and take pride in what they are doing.


Sunday. They sent me the wrong carb kit.
Ugh.  None of the gaskets were right.

Well whatever. At least my new grass is growing out there.  And we now have a hole well on it's way to becoming a pond, something I"ve wanted to do out there since I moved in here.  The one out back is nice but everyone sits out front.  Prolly because the back isn't so nice yet.  I'll get that changed in Spring.  Not a priority right now.

I dunno what to do about the weedeater - I really don't want to buy a new one but the need is growing out there.  It hasn't been done in over a month and though the mower is at least keeping the grass trimmed, the overgrowth from the areas where the mower can't do anything is looking pretty bad.  It's actually a pretty nice neighborhood and most everyone keeps their lawns nicely maintained.


I bought a new one.  I'll get this one fixed and have a backup.  Just like the mower, there is another one sitting there that they have that hasn't run in a while.  I'm hoping just take the carb apart, clean it and it will fire up.

Next door neighbor kid came over and declared that he wants to take care of Addler when I'm gone.  He loves that dog - but nobody loves my Addler more than me : ) He's my giant baby.  Not that he looks are acts like one, but he is!  Aspyn has learned how to jump over fences.  However, since the new tenants are here, the lady decided to take it upon herself to try and train her not to. Aspyn won't do that when I'm home.  I bought a tie down with a 25 foot chain attached to it.  Aspyn jumps of the fence? She is put in timeout for an hour and then released.  My plan to buy the 45 angles and put barbed wire on it I have put on hold.  We'll see if this works.  She doesn't go anywhere.  She comes up on the porch and sits on the bench where I normally sit.  I'm used to 6 foot fencing, that isn't what's here and much of the neighborhood - though not all of it - is also 4 foot fencing.  Just an expense I am not going to get into.

Well, watch a little TV and then go out and fire up the new weedeater and get busy.

Friday, September 16, 2016

I ran an ad last weekend and has a college kid over in fairly short order.  He did a very good job of doing what I asked considering it was all digging - not easy work especially considering how hot it was outside.  I was impressed and thankful to finally find a person that didn't complain about actually earning the money versus the entitelment minded people that want something - for nothing.  He wants to come back over tomorrow and I still have plenty of dirt work to do so yes, please do.  I have enough to keep him busy as long as he wants to work out there.

I, on the other hand, am going to be doing less laborious work.  I just spent an entire afternoon lifting and moving around heavy fittings in the heat/humidity and I think I'll just let the kid have do the heavy lifting tomorrow. He's not really a kid, he's 22 years old but that's what I call people that age and younger.  He obviously has no extra money but probably doesn't want to work a "real" job - something you are bound to.  That college has dorms and provides meals, but as I have been told from someone else the meals are prety much the same stuff every week and it "gets old".  I have no sympathy.  I really don't.  I have gone through my share of poverty and living without, I know what it feels like, I didn't complain, I just dealt with it.  Well, I wasn't happy that time the water heater went out and I didn't have the money to buy a new one.  I went months without hot water.

Anyway, it's a breath of fresh air to have someone over that actually will work and not complain about it and be happy with the funds handed to him - the agreed upon funds, not some - well I did all of this so I deserve more crap attitude that really annoys me and people telling me that will get my opinion of their attitude directed back at them without tact or courtesy.  My ads say the price I will pay. When anyone contacts me, I repeat it again: You do understand that I am paying $10 per hour?  In this economy? That is good money for unskilled labor.  I also rephrase: this is hard work, you are going to be digging and such.

So, that's that.  My carb kit came in today so I will endeavor tomorrow to rebuild the weedeater carburetor and hopefully it will work and I can get busy with that.  I also found a chainsaw for more than I want to pay but I may get it.  There are plenty of tools over here, but that is one that is sorely lacking.  This property is virtually surrounded by trees - very, very tall and large trees and much of it needs some extreme pruning. Trees that big? You have to have a chainsaw.

That reminds me.  I'm not a slave laborer, the kid likes cranberry juice so I'm going to get a jug of that for him for tomorrow.  Probably buy some sort of fast food lunch as well.  I mean, from my perspective, I'm getting a good deal I don't think it too much to add food and drinks on top of it.

I also need to treat the wood flooring in here.  This stuff is pretty gawdy looking. They never did anything for it.  I mean - nothing but sweep it.  But you are walking on it every day, you have to treat the flooring.  Not a big priority, not sure if I'll even have that kind of motivation.  I wouldn't mind getting a start on it though.  Then there is the wood that was ruined by the water leaking from the AC unit.  Right now? That isn't on my priority list.  It's in the hallway, it's mostly out of sight, I'm not concerned about that right now.

Boy could I write a long post here.  The new lady tenant is - nosy and she freely admits to it.  She gets herself into everyone's business. But there is one thing that I am going to address.  She is having my dogs in during the day and they are growing quite fond of her.  I'm sorry, but I'm not ready or even willing to share Addler's affections.  They can pet him, be nice to him, etc, but having him in her bedroom? Not.  He is an outside dog while I'm at work and I made that crystal clear before they moved in here, but she seems to have other thoughts.  I'm just tyring to come up with a tactful way of putting it that won't come off offensive and right now, I haven't been able to come up with that yet.  She's a nice lady, she is very attention starved, she has no local friends, I understand how a dog can help make up for that, but they are my dogs, not hers.  She is free to get her own dog. She said she gave up her dog to come here, I was like, well get the dog back. A Bassett Hound. I don't really care if she shares the affections of the new German Shepherd, but not my Dane.  He is showing signs of being pulled and I don't like it.  Call me a jealous dog owner, it may very well be true and I won't be ashamed of it.  I went through quite a lot to get that dog, more to go through his initial stages of unrest while adjusting to a new home and owner, I pay for his food, I spend the time I do have at home with him, he is my dog

Is there something wrong with feeling that way? Seriously.  I don't think so.

Onto other things.  I have neard absolutely nothing further about this situation with my brothers basically ignoring mom's birthday.  She will eat it.  She always does. She will hide the pain and act like nothing has happened. She has already done that, texting everyone exactly as if nothing has happened and .... there is nothing coming back from my brothers.  I am growing very unattached to them.  I could care less if I ever see them again.  I text with her every day. I call her on weekends.  But I can't replace the relationships with her other two sons.  I just think they are pathetic losers and vermin. Selfish, self-abosrbed, self-serving.  Ungrateful, uncaring and obnoxious.

She almost had my trailer sold today. The man went up to her property, inspected the thing inside and out, declared he would give 2k for it after starting at $1,700, which is way low-balling it, actually 2k is as well but I wanted it out of there and off my hands.  But, he couldn't get the brakes and tail lights to work, something is probably wrong in the pigtail.  So, after all of that, he decided against it and left.  Mom has a repair guy and I asked if she could get him up there ot fix it? He came up not long ago and replaced a sunroof over the shower and a vent that was leaking for a very reasonabe price.  She said ok and not 5 minutes later she texted back that he is coming on Tuesday.  I know I would be leery of pulling a trailer down the road with non-functioning brake and turn signal lights and also it's illegal for obvious reasons, I can only hope this guy will get it done for not too much such as the last thing he did.

I don't really want to spend any more money on it after this.  If it doesn't sell, then I'm going to have to pay to have it hauled down to the valley and this thing is going to start being a money drain.  Oh how I would love to  have that thing out here, though!

Which reminds me.  There was an announcement at work today that the F250 is going to be replaced.  Meaning that one will be available for sale It runs great, other drivers have trashed the body of it.  It should go pretty cheap.  But it's a good ole boy club, if anyone else there wants it,  they won't even consider me.  But I'm still going to ask the manager about it.

Yesterday we did the Thirsty Thursday thing. Which is go to a local brewery and sample their beers and talk.  It came out from the 2 inside salesman that the new manager actually likes me now.  Well of course he does, I work my ass off and I have been keeping my mouth shut about the things that make him mad, even though those things have nothing to do with him.  He's a strange one and I doubt I will ever figure him out.  In fact, I have been declared the best worker there.  Whoopdee dooo!  Pay me then! Though that is out of the manager's hands, he has actually tried to get us more money but the GM is a stingy freak and so is the district manager.

The other thing that came out is my co-worker that I refer to often enough on this blog.  They stated he talks trash about me behind my back on a daily basis.  Huh?  You didn't know that? No, not really.  I heard from you a few weeks ago he had been saying something about me but I thought it was a one-time deal.  Nope, he talks trash about everyone and you on a daily basis.  If he finds out you are here with us, he is probably going to s*** his pants.

Why do people have to be so incredibly small? I left that get-together with ill thoughts of him, pondering what I should do. "I stay friends to know what my enemies are doing" is a thought that comes to mind.

Well, it's late.  Post more tomorrow.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thirsty Thursday.  A few of us go to a local brewery and have a few beers.  Interesting revelations came forth form today's engagement.  Mainly, my co-driver that I have written about quite a bit.  Not only does he talk trash about numerous other people, he has also spoken a great deal of trash about me behind my back which I knew nothing about excepting one thing that I had heard a few weeks ago.  Like, constantly.  Makes you wonder about the human race.  How do we become so evil and have such evil intent about others?

It is disappointing to find out he has been talking like that to my co-workers. but not shocking.  He has been sinking his own ship for some time now, as at least 3 people I know of want him gone.  He talks too much, he says too much s*** about too many people and that is that.  I had thought that since we were "friends" beyond work that he wouldn't be engaging in such about me, but I was proven wrong tonight.

Keep tabs on your enemies.  So the saying goes. But we are already at odds.  Numerous new rules. It started with him dumping my pallet on the ground and taking the forklift without asking.  I had just gotten off the thing to go get some paperwork from inside, when I came back out, he was driving off with it.  I asked him what he was doing?  We don't do stuff like that around there, we always ask - everyone- if you are done with it or if you can take it for a few minutes. There is another forklift and he doesn't like that one. So, he had brought the other one up, parked it beside the one I was using and took off with it.  He was yelling at me that he can't do this and that with "that" forklift.

Well, yes he can, but it's more work and he's lazy.

Now, 2 days ago, I left work having had chocked the wheels on the semi. This is a requirement that corporate is putting out. If you are loading or unloading a truck, the wheels must be chocked. At the end of the day, the wheels must be chocked. Okay, well, semi's have spring brakes but I won't go into that.  I had chocked the wheels, only to find the next morning the chocks gone. Yesterday, I put the chalks on the tires again.  Well, lo and behold, the coworker pulls the 10 wheeler in the yard and parks next to the semi. I was in the will call room about 150 feet away talking and just happened to glance out the glass door and see him taking the chalks from the semi and putting them under the 10 wheeler tires.

I'm looking at the warehouse dude, this is why the semi tires weren't chalked this morning, which was yesterday.  He's sinking himself and likely if he continues with all of the stuff he has been saying and doing, he will get his butt fired.  After betraying me like that, I don't know how I will feel about that if/when it happens.  I do know my involvement with him is going to be extremely limited.

Well, onto other things.  nothing else has been said in the text message with my mom and brothers. I expect nothing to change anytime soon.  Little to be said about that.

New tenants want premium Direct TV package and claim they will pay for it including movie channels.  All well and fine, if they are paying for it, I will be all good with that.

New doggy has also figured out how to jump the fence.  What is with dogs and jumping fences? Now I am faced with trying to either figure out how to escape proof the yard - which likely will not be cheap - or finding her a new home. Was just getting to like the dog, too.

Uhh, things aren't really gonig that well I guess.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I did my part.  My mom's birthday is on 9/11.  I sent her flowers on Friday.  I sent her a new thermometer that she wanted that takes out side temp and sends it to a receiver insisde.  I got one that is solar powered so she doesn't have to buy batteries for it.  I wished her happy birthday on Facebook and also wished her a happy birthday on the group mms that she has with all of us - her and 3 sons.  I called her and spent a good deal of time talking to her.

My brothers - sent her no gifts.  They did not call her.  They texted her: Happy Birthday Mother! - not even using mom which I find deplorable but that's just me - and that was it. She moved to their side of town to be closer to the mountains and not have to deal with valley traffic, which can be quite insane.  She is very close to them now.  No mention of visiting her.

I know all of this because when I was talking to her on the phone, I said I would have come over and spent some time with her if I were there which is when she went off - not too much but she did - about all of this.  I've always felt family is the one of the most important things you have in life, my brothers have always felt quite differently.  But my God, at least call her on her birthday.  Texting is okay for trivial stuff that you don't need a phone call for, but not this.

Well, I am planning a trip back there in the next month or two and I will be staying with her.  She lets me use one of her vehicles so that's a nice added plus, but I go to see her and my son and some friends.  I do not go to see my brothers.  They could care less and I'm not going to waste any more of my energy trying to get something going in family that is obviously never going to happen.  It's draining, that kind of emotional energy being spent on people that won't bother to was an ounce of it back on you.  Even if you are related.  I didn't bother to tell them about dad's birthday last month, I knew they wouldn't call him or do anything.  I am giving them no further updates on his health.  If he dies, I won't bother to tell them about that, either.  If they want to know what's going on with him, they are going to have to find out for themselves.  Even though the man has Alzheimer's, they still refuse to talk to him at all.

I am fighting this feeling of despising my brothers and that's not really a good place to be in.  I have to really guard my heart and tell myself that they are the losers in all of this, they are the pathetic people whose insecurities have them not being able to deal with much of anything in life.  Why my mother entrusted my oldest brother with her estate after she dies, I have no idea.  I don't ask her about it, that's her business.  But one thing has changed within me. I came to the point where I thought that I wouldn't want to fight with them over my portion of her estate, I have completely changed my mind on that.  Those bastards don't treat her with the dignity, respect and love that she so freely gives to them.  They sure as heck aren't getting my share and I will fight tooth and nail just because of the way they are behaving now.

Whatever.  I'll get back there in the next couple of months for a 4 or 5 day stay. I will be up to 138 hours of vacation after the beginning of next month and I will have to take some time off or - I will stop accruing.  I take that back, I can go as high as 160 so another month after that won't stop the accrual.

Wrote that last night.  Since then, all hell broke loose.  My mother did the group text thing and asked why the 2 boys that live near here could only find it within themselves to text her on her birthday?  No cards, no calls, nothing, she went on and ended it with "I am very hurt".

Didn't see any replies until a couple hours later when my oldest brother said "Linda (his wife) had a birthday present for you and we planned to ask  you if you want to go to dinner. You got pissy and shut her down".   Yup, that's when all hell broke loose.  My oldest brother has never wanted to be a part of family anyway, but his tones with mom were a bit surprsiing.  I said nothing, I just sat there and read the exchange between then and it didn't end well.  They appear to be doing the same thing with mom as they did with dad some 15 years ago: cut him off and haven't talked to him since.

I always wondered if they would end up doing that with mom as well.  I dunno if they are or not, but my middle brother never replied to the thread.  How can you live a few miles away and not even call your own mom?  I would have gone over there and brought a cake with candles and took her out to dinner.  My oldest brother just totally blew her off in the text exchange and that was that.  I'm sorta wondering if she is giong to change the executor of her estate if/when she dies.  That would be him and right now I don't trust that he will do any of her wishes.  I don't get my brothers, I never have.  I'm not happy with their deplorable attitudes but I am out of this one.  I'm not going to rescue anyone this time.  They are on their own.

Just mindblowing though. I've always played the mediator but this has gone too far.  Adults acting like babies.

Well, whatever.  Anyway, I got a nice run today which included going back to the Army Depot but also an old abandoned ammunition plant that was also Army long ago. The general contractor said it has been out of operation since 1972 and frankly? It definitely looked it.  Roofs caving in and plants growing up through the woodwork and just completely run down.  But it still was quite intriguing.  You see all that stuff and try to imagine what it was like all those years ago when it was staffed with military personnel and what the walls might tell you if they could speak.

The current forecast is for thunderstorms this coming weekend.  Meaning shutting down doing anything outside.  Perhaps I need the break. But honestly? The hardwood floors in this place need to be treated.  I don't even know how to do that as I haven't lived in a house with such since I was a single digit aged kid, but, there is a gallon jug of the stuff and the directions.  Or, maybe I'll just take the weekend off, go so a movie at the local theater and veg out.  I dunno.  Like my  mom keeps telling me, I don't have an off switch.  I just get stuff in my head and I can't get it out until I do something about it.  So, I pray there really is heavy rain and thunderstorms  - it will nicely water the grass seed I planted and will stop me from working outside and will probably get me to do much of nothing on a weekend.

Well, enough.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

About 50 to 60 feet to go. That's the drain line I am installing for diverting away storm water that accumulates on the sidewalk directly in front of the steps to accesst the front porch.  Other areas of pooling water have also now been identified once I got that done and I will have to T off the line I have installed and put drainage in those areas as well.  Then there's the driveway.  Who would build a driveway on a slope and then have the water pooling right there in the middle of it?  This only lends to cracking - which it has done.

The driveway part isn't on any priority list, far too many other things to do long before I ever do that.  To fix that, I will have to cut the concrete to be able to dig out a trench underneath, install a drain with solid brass drain grate and then pour concrete back over the top of it.  Now, the rest of the water diverts down the sidewalk to the aforementioned steps to the house, with pooling along the way.  I can easily add onto the exiting line and have a drain next to the sidewalk at the deepest point of pooled water.  The project so far hasn't cost anything but a drain, the rest is time spent and paying hte college kid ten bucks an hour to dig out the rest of the trench.

Whether he comes back or not remains to be seen.  I could use him to haul off dirt from the front and a planter that was installed in the back that I tore down but dirt remaining.  The learning experience about brick is that you should never have dirt piled up against the side of your brick house.  Which is yet another project I could have him do - dig away all the remaining dirt and grass that is up against it.  Bricks can be replaced, but costly and not anything I would want to get involved with.  Well I guess there is probably a YouTube video showing you how to do it but that is nothing I am currently interested n doing.  Just get rid of the threat and hope the damage isn't too bad.  So far, the damage has been the facing of the brick but not enough to have to replace any of them.

A bit interesting that my landlords/house owners didn't figure all of this out and put it on their priority lists.  They're young but that doesn't really excuse, at least in my book, the idea of not understanding what you have and what you need to do to take care of it.  All the dirt that needs to be dug and hauled is really quite a lot of work and I'm going to do it for them.  At the moment just trying to get the serious issues out of the way, which besides the AC problem last week, is all outdoor stuff.

I took the carb apart on the weedeater yesterday and found the rubber diaphragm breeched and that is the cause of the problem.  I sprayed out the carburetor anyway and got the thing to run for a minute but the diaphragm allowed fuel to dump into the cylinder and that was that.  I'm going to tryto find a replacement in town today, otherwise I'll have to order it online.  Just didn't want to wait for the replacement part to show up and also the part would be much cheaper locally in not having to pay shipping costs.  $15 for this little bitty diaphram, because you have to buy the whole kit and you have to spend as much on shipping as you do on the kit.  I can tell ya right now, that little kit doesn't cost $7.50 to send.  O'Reilley's sells some parts, I'm going to check there first.

I need more grass seed and also some wood stain and laquer.  I'm getting the front of the house tidied up and eventually looking good and then I'm likely to stop spending my money on these projects.  I'm keeping tabs on it as well. They are broke at the moment as she isn't working and his is their only income.  She is pregnant and likely qualifies for food stamps and WIC at the very least.  But that's none of my business.

Hmmm, I think I better take that gasket out of there and take it with me.  I know what it looks  like but you start trying to tell a counter person the part and they are just going to look at you blankly.

And then there's the back yard.  Their dog destroyed everything so at some piont, I quit even cleaning up back there. It would get into literally everything.  It just became frustrating to clean it all up and then that dog destroying everything and leaving it laying all over the place. I cleaned it up last weekend including using the pressure washer and so far, it's all the same as I left it excepting leaves falling from the trees.  But to fix that yard and make it nice......ugh.  A lot of time and labor to start with and then trying to find stuff to do it with on the cheap and still have it nice.  Not a bridge I am crossing right now but it's in the back of my mind.  The fact that I don't have a pickup to pick stuff up is a huge detriment to much of what I am trying to do.

Well time to get this show on the road.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Goodness gracious, I have very little desire to do much of anything but sit around on a couch and vegetate.  I've been going, going, going between work and home and it has depleted me.  But, if I'm going to get the grass planted it needs to be this weekend.  The directions say it takes 3 weeks and I figure we have at least 3 weeks if not more of warm/ish weather so it's now or next Spring.  Since I bought the stuff yesterday, yup, today is the day.

Looks like it may rain this afternoon which would be helpful.  I really need to clean up the north side of the house as well. They let it go and there are piles of leaves over there, I found 2 baby Copperheads - now among the deceassed, as I am not a snake lover though I will let non-poisonous ones live - in that mess last week while presssure washing.  I just have to decide what I want to get done today as the list is huge and you just have to pick the highest priority ones and get going with it.

However, the hose end came off yesterday and I can't plant grass without a hose to water it after it is planted so a trip to Lowe's is in order.  I really wish they would build a Home Depot over here, Lowe's is not my first choice.  It's better than a 30 mile drive to the nearest town that has one, but I just have always like Home Depot better.  Anyway, it's a hundred foot hose with no leaks so it's worth fixing it, the cost of a new one is around 50 bucks.

The weed eater is also a priority.  I got everything mowed yesterday all well and fine, but the weed eater is necessary to give it the finishing touches.  Gonna try taking that apart and see if I can fix it.  These problems are almost always carburetor related. Open up the carb, spray it out with choke cleaner.  That solves the problem at least 50% of the time.  Actually more than that.  Everything gets gummed up and the needle doesn't seat properly and there you have it, a constant flow of gas flooding out the cylinder.  They claim it is a newer weed eater.  I don't know but I don't feel like spending my own money on a new one. I'll take the non workijng one into a shop before i do that.

Well.  Sitting here on the living room couch trying to motivate myself.  Looking at airfare in January to Hawaii. It's gonna be a bit costly.  The airfare is around $700 which doesn't include hotel, food or transportation.  I'm just waitng for them to pull the trigger on tickets and then I can figure out the dates and try to find the cheapest airfare available.  But even cheap hotels add up after a week's stay.  And nothing in Hawaii is cheap.  A tent on the beach lol.  Be quite the flight if it's a full plane. No first class for me unfortuunately.

I'm still reeling after this home loan modification fiasco.  They make you jump through a lot of hoops.  It may be worth it to have almost $300 dropped from your monthly payment, but it certainly leaves a bad taste in your mouth after going through all of that.  They still haven't started showing on time payments.  I guess they won't do that until after they get the paperwork I just sent in and make it official.  In fact, my credit rating on Experian dropped 18 points last month and that with no changes either good or bad.  That one was a bit perplexing.

Well, the new doggy is a bit of a chewer.  Nothing like the owner's of this house dog who chewed literally everything including glass bottles.  In fact, Aspyn is a very fast learner.  Oh, I"m keeping the spelling.  I was going to change it and then everyyone came along and said how nice a name it is, Aspen-Aspyn, it all sounds the same so no biggies.  She's very eager to please but at the same time has a bit of a stubborn streak.  She won't listen - yet - when I call her.  That will come with time, she is completely untrained and I count myself lucky she doesn't pee in the house when I bring her in.  But, large dogs seem to have that trait much more than smaller dogs.  For whatever reason, they tend to want to keep their bathroom activities outside.

Anyway, I decided to run an ad in Craigslist  and see if I can get someone over here to do some digging and dirt hauling.  That's exactly what I don't want to do.  It is stuff that I need to get done - that won't this weekend anyway if it's up to my efforts to  do it.  I've just expended myself too much in the last week or so.  We'll see what becomes of that ad.

Meanwhile, guess I'll head to the stores and get the things I need to proceed with the day.