Sunday, February 26, 2017

So I'm a little upset with myself.  I fully intended to install those new ball joints on the Polaris this weekend. They never showed up.  Upon reviewing several accounts, it turns out they were never ordered.  I don't know what happened, I do remember pulling the trigger on a set.  I wanted to get most of that project DONE this weekend, instead, I have to "look forward" to it next weekend, if the set I just ordered actually show up in time (which they should).  Yes, they sell the locally at the Polaris Dealer - for FOUR times the cost.  No thanks, I'll wait.

Meanwhile, they  (house owners I am living/ friends that gave me the Jeep ) told me the title should be back here by Monday.  That means I can go to the court house, get the thing switched over to my name and get it registered.  Well, I think anyway.  Depends on if they have it done.  I haven't called them and they contacted me on Friday of last week. I have no need to put pressure on them to finish a job on something that I can't use. They can do it at their discretion as time allows for more important things - such as customers whose cars have broken down and they need it fixed immediately.

Anyway, I am going to try and get it insured today. Dunno how that works on a Sunday so it might have to wait until tomorrow.  Which is fine, I just need documentation that it is insured for it to be inspected.  Oops, forgot about that. The shop can't do an inspection without the proof of insurance, that's a Texas thing.  I've been looking for trailers for a while now.  I'd like about a 16 footer to accommodate for 3 4-wheelers. I don't have a 3rd 4 wheeler but I am thinking about it.  I've seen them going cheap - people get hard up for money, the toys are often times the first thing to go.

Once I get a trailer, though, I can expand upon projects here that have been at a stand still. Such as putting some flagstone around the pond.  Build a small waterfall for effect.  And yes, I have watched several videos on it, I have a grasp on how to effectively build one now - but I need small boulders.  You just get enough boulders, set them up and have a thin one for the portion that actually gets the water flown out on it from the water filter.  You take foaming type of sealant to the areas where the water can flow back and down onto the ground - though mine is going to have a small chunk of liner underneath it as a fail safe.  Don't need a waterfall leaking back into the ground. I intend on doing this one right, which means a bit of work but the end result will be worth it.  I have about 25 small fish in that one currently.

Upon trying to call the insurance company, I got a "we are currently closed" message so I will deal with this tomorrow.

On another front, much of the front and back yard needs to be reseeded - grass seed that is.  but I am going to look and see what is advised for doing before I pull any triggers here.  I am guessing I need to rent a machine that punches holes in the ground and makes it possible for the seed to take root.  not going to do it wrong the first time is all I'm saying.

My trip to Ireland on hold.  I have a wedding to save up for - the airfare and a generous wedding gift.  Newlyweds need money, especially this couple.  I would like to be able to give them a grand in cash and then a small gift for their home.  So let the saving begin. Though I already have an automatic withdrawal savings account that has more than enough to pay for the Jeep repairs and  at least half the cost of a trailer. I'm going to drain that account in the next could of weeks and then let it start saving up for the wedding.  By that time I should be at or close to that goal.

So I guess I need to open up another bank account with limited access for my travel desires.  Have X amount automatically removed per week.  I want out of this country. I want to experience flying over the ocean.  I want to experience new cultures.  I want to see in person what it's like, I've seen enough videos and pics, I've read enough articles.  It doesn't take the place of the experience in person.  I want to have to get a stamp for the passport and go into a place that is totally not America and see what it's like. I should've happened when I was on the mission field, it was going to happen, but they found my usefulness in the American camp too great to let me go overseas.  I have friends that went overseas from that same operation that never came back. They set up camp there and flew with it.  I am not in any kind of regret, for my American tour ended up having me all over Mexico and that was an awesome experience.  It truly was. Seeing towns with no electricity, running water or sewer systems.  People that have never seen a TV in operation or a movie. Etc etc etc.  It is truly a 3rd world nation so I know I have experienced in person what goes on anywhere where there is abstract poverty.  But, I want to experience it in person. And experience more developed nations such as Ireland or Italy just because of their rich cultural experience.

On another note, a very perplexing thing.  I have a co worker that complains about his pay all the time. He isn't making that much money and he leaves early.  I have come to the conclusion that the government assistance he is receiving allows him to live a rather lavish lifestyle.  He frequently posts his location update on Facebook and today? He was at Ralph and Kacoo's.  Well Ralph and Kacoo's is a very expensive, upscale restaurant that I wouldn't even go to but maybe once in a great while if I thought I had the need, which I don't.  He posts these updates about being at expensive places quite frequently, yet he's making $13 per hour?  This is the fallacy of welfare.  Free rent, food stamps and in some cases cash assistance.  I'm so sick of the government taking my tax money and giving it to people that don't deserve it.  Freaking bullshit, frankly.  So, this dude can drive a brand new truck and living in a nice apartment and going out all the time all over the place making far less money than I am and complain about it?  WTH.

I bust my ass to get the things I want and these people get what they want for basically no effort? And no, this guy isn't a stellar performer.  He shows up to work, talking on his phone all day long. Takes 3 times as long to load a truck, sits at jobsites after the delivery is done and just sits there - for an hour or more (contractors have complained about this), leaves early and complains about his pay>

Whatever, I think I;ll end this one before I get pissed.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Well, just when I thought my credit score was headed in the right direction, it takes a hit from unknown source.  A bit of research came up with Fingerhut.  They play games with your credit limit all time.  Up and down and up and down.  It was up to around 3 grand and then they reduced it $600 and that was the deal.

So, I"m going to contact them and ask them to either stop that practice or close the account.  I owe them maybe a hundred and something, no problem just paying it off and getting it over with.


Started this several days ago and got distracted. Going back to work Monday was as I figured: they dump you with all kinds of junk to do just to make you pay for taking time off.  And so it has been all week up until today. I actually would like another day like that tomorrow and it will pass quickly and be over with.


Getting no where fast with this entry.  Anyway, I had full intentions of getting the Polaris mostly done this weekend.  I got 2 projects done on it, but a part I ordered for the 3rd project was missing the ball joint.  Not that it was guaranteed to come with it, I had just thought it was going to.  So, I have to order a ball joint for it before I go tearing that entire assembly down. I don't really like pulling things apart without being able to put them right back together, too easy to lose parts or forget how it reassembles - though I am taking pics of everything I am doing now because I have run into quirks.

Such as the starter.  I realized after getting that out that the bendix also needed to be replaced. So I ordered that as well and reassembled that yesterday.  But while I was in there, I saw that the pull start assembly needs  a rebuild kit. Basically, the pull cord is a back up in case the starter motor fails.

But, it still works - not as good as it should but it would still start the thing up, so that's kind of a backurner project.

Meanwhile, ordered ball joints for both sides today so I won't be able to get to that again until next weekend.

It's getting close now though. Unless I find even more wrong in there, this should be getting to the end of the fixing line on that one.

The Jeep is also almost done.  A bit hefty price tag to get it there but as long as it runs for quite a while with no further issues I'll be good with it.

Well onto other things.  My son of course announced his engagement to his girlfriend, but now he's got a set date: August 6th, being held in a suburb of Oakland, CA. That's 6 months from now.  I was hoping to find a new job, frankly, but this kind of interferes with that.  I can't start a new job and expect to take serious time off only 6 months into it.  Just doesn't work that way unfortunately.

So, pondering time.  Things have gotten a little better since the meeting with the GM and the manager.  He didn't end up cutting our hours even more.  I'm really at a loss what direction to go in with this situation. When I am faced with something like that, I have found it's best to do nothing at all and allow the situation to answer it's own question, which it eventually will.  I'm pretty sure the warehouse "manager" wants out of there and it's highly likely that he will retire when he turns 62, which is something like a year off now.

They've hinted at the idea of taking his place, but that's about as far as it's gone, hints.  Well excepting the GM last year flat out asking if I would want such a position.

Anyway, I"m getting really sick of the games that get played with credit scores.  You go out of your way to do whatever you have to to get it back up and then something else comes along to rip it back down. I don't have the cash to buy properties, I need the credit to do that. Oh well.  Maybe save up enough down payment for owner financed options.

Uhh well it's late now, was watching  the Walking Dead and Monday comes early.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

3rd day of vacation.  Decided not to go anywhere, instead, decided to fix the Jeep and fix the Polaris.  I'm kinda tired of having fun toys that I can't use because I can't take them anywhere. The man that just towed the Jeep out of here said it would cost around $700 to get it going - which isn't a bad deal for me since the jeep was free and also it allegedly has a new engine in it.  He assured me that he could get it going so I said fine, tow her away.  I've been saving to get that thing fixed so I could either use it for the purposes stated or sell/trade it for a pickup.  But if they get it running good I"d rather keep it and get a trailer for it.  That way I can haul people with me in the Jeep to go 4 wheeling - which I have several wanting to go.  Not to mention stuff around here that needs to be done that I can't deal with without being to transport materials.

The only other "issue" would be to find a good place to go riding. The nearest place I know of is about 30 miles away.  Which isn't really that bad, it's 5 per person entry fee and you can camp there overnight if you wish.

Well we're well on the path to getting things done today.  Actually been needing to get stuff done for some time now, work doesn't allow for that since I don't get off until everything closes during the week.  So now? I gotta get out there and tear the rest of that 4 wheeler down. Wasn't really looking forward to that but I am not going to let it sit like it is forever or I"m going to forget how to put the darn thing back together.

Whoops, I guess I forgot to write about what happened with the meeting with the GM and manager together in the same room. Pretty much went to hell in a hand basket.  I guess they thought they were just going to back me into a corner and shut my mouth for me, but not.  I'm not going to take any more of this man's abuse without at least speaking out about it and that I did.  The whole thing literally blew up as I spoke forth the things that he does, including calling people out and calling them stupid and idiots and mostly, his anger issue.

And of course, he got angry.  I can't say that I didn't toy with him a little after it became obvious he was getting angry. "Are we getting angry here?".  He at least didn't deny his anger issues and that was really my focus because I didn't figure from the way the GM was talking that much improvement would be gained on anything else.  It finally came down to: What do you want us to do when you are getting angry?  A carefully worded question to get him to further admit that yes he does have an anger problem and no, we shouldn't be exposed to it, what to do about it?

Amazingly, he said okay.  Next time I get angry, I give you the permission to call me out on it.  I think that was really the only thing good that happened that day.  He is still a total jerk-off.  He retaliated against me by announcing that he's cutting our hours back once again.  Of course he has that right, but it's the reason why he did it that makes him a total @$$.  Just to pay me back.  Whatever. I'm going to enjoy this vacation, and then I"m going to ask for another week off either next month or the one after and then, providing nothing changes at work, I will start carefully looking for the "perfect" position somewhere else.  I have 3 or 4 places in mind already.  But I do want to take my vacation time first.

I'm not going to say anything else now about what's going on there, I made my case, the GM is sticking up for the manager, of course, even though he heard from several people. But again, this wasn't unexpected.  So, status quo there.

Meanwhile, this lady tenant really drive's me crazy sometimes.  She just wants to talk and talk and talk and talk and talk........I'm watching a show comes barging in, starts yacking it up about the movie I'm watching. It's like one of the best parts of the movie and she's standing there going off again.  Well, I asked her to be quiet.  Yup.  This morning.  Haven't had my coffee, just woke up, sitting out here listening to the news, she wants to start yakking all over again. She knows I am not the greatest morning person until I get a cup or two of coffee in me.

But whatever. The owners of the house have stated they are coming back eventually and that once they do come back, they would love for me to stay with them, their 2 boys - she's having another one in a few months - can stay in a single bedroom. That'll work for quite a while, but at some point, kids want their own room.  I don't necessarily expect to be here forever, though I like the setup andI know them well now, we are definitely on friendship level of relationship. So who knows.  I'm getting the Jeep fixed so I can haul stuff over here.Plenty of things I want to upgrade outside here.

I have no clear cut future.  I guess no one does but sometimes this seems way too much up in the air, especially with the work situation.

I can't say much else. Dad's health continues to deteriorate, his memory getting worse and worse. The effects of age also taking a hold on my mom, though I don't think she has dementia, she did send me a birthday check this week dated with 2015 on it.  She's stressting over everything. She moved twice last year which was bad enough.  Now she is stressing over selling her extremely valuable China.  I'm like, why are you stressing over this?  Let it go til' some other time if its affecting you that bad.  I dunno.  My son announced his engagement to his girlfriend this week which was really good news because they have been going out together for quite a while now.  He seemed to have his reservations telling me, but I did nothing but support him in it It's his life, he's free to do what he wants with it.

And so there it is.  A plateful of things to do, going to go out in a little while and see about tearing the rest of that thing down.  It's an absolutely beautiful day outside considering it's February and I remember 2 February's ago here it was snowing I think.  It was cold anyway, I remember that.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Tomorrow marks the day that the GM comes up.  To do what, I don't know exactly.  I don't know what others have told him about the manager's behavior.  I don't know if they will come forth honestly and say what has actually happened or if they will try to support him through the very real fear of losing their jobs.  Can the GM offer anonymity that won't go any further than him?  He can, but it seems like stuff gets leaked out all the time.  My email to him was spun off all over the place. No-one knows what I said in it, exactly, they just know I sent it and the GM is coming up here because of it.

Which doesn't mean anything will change.  At all.  This GM really doesn't have any good idea of how to resolve these kinds of issues, as evidenced from the past.  He knows how to run the business, but employee altercations and problems with management he seems to not have the stomach to take on. There's nothing I can do about that, I can just feed him with the facts of what has occurred and hope he'll find some way of dealing with it, if he does, indeed, want to deal with it at all.

The GM comes up in the last few visits and doesn't avail himself to any of the employees. He sits in the manager's office all day long, obviously you aren't going to have a private conversation with him in there, especially if the crux of the conversation is about the manager himself.  So, when he said "I wish you would have said something sooner", I replied you haven't availed yourself.  He had no reply to that.  I would rather discuss these kinds of things in person, but he left me no choice.  Still, the email only went to him - so far.  I have neither shown it to other employees nor have I escalated it by sending it up the chain of command.

So, I have really no idea what will happen tomorrow.  I likely will  be shuttled off into a corner room and have a meeting with both of them.  They will undoubtedly try to establish a narrative that it's me having an issue with him, which if that does occur, I will come back with numerous examples of the manager coming up against all of us, in a group, called together, at once and belittling the whole lot of us at the same time, replete with threats against everyone.

I've prepared myself as much as I possibly can for likely inevitable scenarios, my only other thing is simply keeping my cool and engaging calmly but decisively. I would very much like if I could catch the manager off guard and "provoke" - in a factual way - him to becoming angry and forgetting where he is or who is present.  People that have that much of an anger problem sometimes do that.  It gets the best of them and they can't keep their mouth shut.

Enough of that.  I have a week off coming up soon.  I haven't decided whether I am going anywhere or doing a stay home thing.  My finances are a bit tight right now for flying off over the ocean.  I jsut want the time off.  A change of scenery would be nice, but not mandatory.

Monday, January 23, 2017

So. Monday morning (today) hits.
I wrote a letter to the general manager about the situation with the manager here.  I sent it off to my own company email instead of sending it to him from my personal account. I wrote the letter over the weekend, forgot to add.

I got to work this morning and pulled it up.  Read it over. Very detailed, somewhat lengthy but had to go there to make sure the full story was told.  I then thought about the potential consequences for clicking on the forward arrow, inserting the general manager's email address and hitting the send button. Loss of job?  Dunno, maybe.  Manager getting pissed at me for doing so?  Granted and expected.  Potential discord with certain other (@$$ kissing) employees?  Yup, a couple of them. One in particular the warehouse dude that throws everyone under the bus anyway.  Also, what if no one else confirms what I am saying? What if they are too in fear of losing their jobs that they will keep their mouths shut?

But the hell that this man makes work? Over-rode all of that.  The authoritarian fear-based "leadership" he doles out through threats and insults came to a head with me, I can't do this anymore without speaking up.  So, after a few minutes of consideration, I did hit the send button and come what may.

I went out on a run.  I figured when I got back, I would hear something.  And sure enough.  The first thing that happens is the manager comes into the showroom and asks me about my phone call to the GM today?  The look on his face spoke thousands of words.  Uhh, nope, I didn't speak to him.  He gives me "his" look.  I volunteered that I had sent him an email.  Though I didn't really feel the need to give him any info.  If the GM did, good for him.  So, he told me that the GM was coming up next week and we were going to have a meeting - him, the GM and me.  I said great, let's do that!  While thinking, what good is that going to do? This isn't about me, I'm not the only one thinking this way. But whatever.  He avoided me the rest of the day.  A coworker said he appears to be butt-hurt. Great, please take a dose of your own medicine.

Regardless, he was visibly upset but stayed away from me.  And when I checked my email at the end of the day,  I found an email back from the GM saying he was coming up and would do a "state of the store" meeting and have everyone there.  Well, I do hope that that is productive, but I am not confident that many people will speak up.  They are in fear for their jobs.  I don't want to lose my job, no. At the same time, I am driven by this man's illiteracy in "emotional intelligence" as the company puts it.  And yes, I am more than willing to push this up to corporate.  I didn't do that last time, this time I am resolved to see this through to the end - whatever end that may be.

So, I have no idea what is going to happen day to day now.  I've set myself up against this manager, rightfully so though - but still.  Upper management needs to see through all of this. The GM visits once in a while, goes and sits in the manager's office, you don't see him.  All is hunky dory.

I am going to write down every incident that I can remember on paper.  I have a dozen of them in mind and I am going to ask a few others if they can remember anything.  Yup. it's all going to be brought up. I'll do it alone if I have to.

Meanwhile, my birthday is on Super Bowl Sunday.  Steelers got run over yesterday by the Patriots so my team isn't going to be there. But, it got me to thinking: take some time off.  So, last week I asked for a week off and I at least didn't get an issue about that.  I have 141 hours availablle.  I haven't decided what to do. I don't feel much like doing anything, but then again, a drive to Fort Worth and a flight somewhere.  Just get me out of here.  Or get in the car and drive.  Just away from here.  I'm just thinking.

Ahh, life.  Well done with this one.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Been taking a break from blogging.  I just kinda lost the desire to do it.  Happens occasionally.  But I haven't posted in a while so I'm going to do an update.
As for today, the kid next door begging to let him borrow the 4 wheeler so I let him.  But, you can't take it out on the street.  What does he do?  Takes it on the street.  Both his mom and I put an end to that quickly, but the damage was done.  Maybe 30 minutes later, 2 police cruisers come through the neighborhood, but by that time the 4 wheeler was put up.  They just drove on by slowly.  10 minutes after that, his dad - a sheriff and on duty - pulled up first to their house but then quickly came over to me.

His first words? 6 more days......rofl.  He was referring to Trump taking power in the inauguration.  And cops apparently are very happy about Trump coming into power and legitimizing law enforcement again.  Then I saw this awesome AR rifle in his car and started talking about that which of course he was delighted to go into, but the boy - cannot ride the 4 wheeler in the neighborhood again, which I totally agree with. The uncle has a huge swath of land outside of town and that is where they normally take it.

Christmas was good if uneventful.  I can't decide whether I missed being with family for it or not.  They didn't have it on Christmas Day anyway, so no loss there, but the event usually lasts only 2 or 3 hours and that is it.  Bye bye, c'ya next Christmas.  I almost made it midnight New Year's but I fell asleep like 15 minutes before 12, lol.

Ummm, really now.  I am still a bit absorbed in the political realm.  The unending "conflicts" dems/liberals/progs are bringing up against Trump are rather amusing to me.  The "final" one, providing another one doesn't prop up between here and Friday (which it probably will so not holding my breath), is they are allegedly going to dump up to 750,000 protesters in DC to attempt to actually stop the inauguration. Seriously, when have you ever seen this kind of nonsense after a president has been elected and before he was inaugurated? I dunno if this level of fruitcakery has ever happened, I certainly don't remember it.


Well, it's a bit hard to finish a post around here.  A lot comes up.  I was watching the Steelers game on Sunday and at 1 minute 55 seconds left in the game, Steelers up by 2, someone comes to the door.  Gag.  I was like, uhhh, yeah, one moment while standing at the door, looking at the tv. But the ending to the game nothing grand.  They just ran the clock out to win the game.  Still, that puts the Steelers in for next Sunday to play for the conference win.  Which would take them back to the Super Bowl if they actually do win.


Well now I'm going to do some venting.  For when I came back from a run today, the warehouse manager showed me a ticket - from a month ago, and asked me what happened with a hand written in backorder.  In other words, the quantity had originally showed shipping and then I had changed it to show it had not shipped.  I don't remember, I know we shipped them though.  5 minutes later, the "new" manager, not so new now, comes out, calls everyone together and then starts in on me. And I got right back in his face.  He started cussing, calling m e out personally and telling me "You'd better think hard. You'd better be thinking hard for a looooong time until you remember".  Talking down to me, getting angry, I had had enough.

You can't even think to remember something from a month ago when someone is in your face talking like that to you.  Apparently the look on my face spoke more than my words, for I was getting angry. I've had enough of this a-hole getting angry about petty s*** and then coming up to us and talking to us like we're 5 year old in Kindergarten.  We fired back and forth at each other for at least 10 mintues.  Finally the thing came back into memory and then I got very vocal.  Yes, I remember now. I brought this ticket in there, informed those two - the warehouse manager and the inside salesman - that this ticket needed to be changed because I couldn't fit the material that was showing backordered onto the truck, pointing at the two the entire time.  Those two have NO problem throwing all of us under the bus, they can get a dose of their own medicine.

But I wasn't letting off this fake manager that gets mad over stupid stuff.  He stood there and said I'm getting angry, apparently thinking I would intimidated by it. No and no thanks (and if I would have thought about it, I would got out my phone and called his manager on the spot).  I did everything that YOU said to do.  When I got to the jobsite and saw they hadn't changed the ticket (this was a HUGE order, filled the entire truck up and much of it double stacked with pallets), I placed the non-shipping material on backorder.  When I got back, I took the ticket into them again, showed them the error and told them it needed to be changed before being billed.

I have tried and tried to just let the man have his way, keep my mouth shut but this was the straw that broke the camel's back.  I had had enough and everyone there knew I was at bursting point.  Seriously, if that man had continued on with it, I probably would not have a job right now.  But, I kept my cool enough to deliberately give him his stuff right back at him in calm tones.  Don't read this wrong. I didn't blow up.  I didn't cuss back.  I didn't mouth off, but I wasn't backing down - at all - either.  I basically kept speaking up the entire time until he finally backed off. He stopped himself, realized what kind of s*** he was pulling. Got a strange look over his face, and then actually apologized to everyone.

That wasn't enough for me though, for he had singled me out and it was completely and totally unwarranted.  So yes, I kept bringing up the pertinent points to his petty ranting that led to unwarranted anger on his part.  He finally changed his tones and said okay, okay.  Let's just work towards getting this better and offered alternatives.  Yes, let's do that. And btw, when I say something to someone about changing a ticket, it goes in one ear and out the other.  That got his ire but that's exactly what goes on.  He finally settled down after he saw I was having none of it and I was definitely not backing down.  I'm a man, not a child and I'm not going to let this person talk down to me like this anymore.  The next time this happens - and yes there will be a next time because this dude can't stop himself - I'm calling the general manager and he can hear how this guy is acting out.

There was one marked difference after this exchange.  5 minutes after it happened and everyone walked off, he came up to me an profusely apologized.  Perhaps there is hope for the man after all. Who knows.

And, after that, everyone else was commenting on me.  I'm not going to say I wasn't getting extremely agitated with his behavior, they saw it on my face.  They all thought I was going to bust.  And in fact, that what was what was happening internally.  I at one point had to look down, gather my thought quickly, calm myself down and then continue on.  They all saw that and knew what was going on.  It actually ended on a much better note than any of these interactions with this man has occurred before.

Okay. It's Thursday night, tomorrow is the Inauguration of Donald Trump.  Projected up to 750,000 protestors showing up, including talk of rioting and violence, human chains and all kinds of garbage.  I hope and pray that violence doesn't occur.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Well, haven't posted in a while. I have been absorbed in my new moderator rule in this huge political debate group I'm in.  BTW, anyone interested in joining let me know and I'll post a link to the group. It's a closed group and there are some fruitcakes in it, but there is some real debating that goes on in there too. I'm getting my feet wet at the mod role and dealing with a large variety of issues, though the most sticky ones are getting in between people that go into anger and start the stupid name calling and such. Almost every single time, I end up having to boot a person from the group.  So, that's part of what I"ve been doing.

The rest is buying Christmas gifts and getting them sent out, sending out Christmas cards, raking and burning leaves, going to work and dealing with the daily grind.  I got a wonderfully nice sized rib roast yesterday at Kroger's.  I went in there to find these small little roasts out in the cooler and I don't like getting a cut of beef like that in such a small size.  It doesn't cook right, at least not for me, it gets over-cooked too easily.  A good roast like that is going to be nice and red on the inside, not pink or medium or anything else.  Usually the small end of the cut will brown nicely for those that want more well-cooked beef.  Well I knocked on the butcher door and asked if they had any larger roasts?  Nope, but we can cut you one to size.  I said about 10 pounds.  They got it very close to 10 pounds and I was very happy.

My new credit card turned out to actually lower my credit score more than it was at before. Why? Because when I asked for a balance transfer from one of my other cards,  I asked for X amount to be transferred.  Well, they transferred the entire amount which was well above my credit limit on that card.  Meaning it's showing I'm over the limit to the credit agencies and that automatically dumped my newly found increases, at least on Experian.  So,, I have asked them to at least increase the credit limit to the amount I owe on the account.  There is no risk to them for that, it's not going to give me any ability to spend anything on it, so I am hoping they will do it.  This credit score business is turning into a real headache.

Posting this one even though unfinished. I have too many drafts in there, got to post something! lol