Saturday, October 22, 2016

So, I am feeling better now so cleanup outside was on the list for today.  First I found another person to come over.  I put a post on a Facebook virtual yard sale group - where numerous people post  asking for people to come and work - and got a large number of replies.  The first one, though was the one I took as is customary on those venues to response to the first person.

Turns out it was a mama trying to find some work for her son who is too young to work at a fast food or similar place.  I kinda had my reservations because the work I wanted done is moving dirt and that is hard work.  But I decided to take a chance.  Do you get a spoiled brat that doesn't want to work or a person that has learned a good work ethic? Cause' that stuff is learned or not learned early in life and people have a rude awakening when the go out into the real world and find out that everyone - including employers - are not going to pander to entitlement, self-serving bs.

Anyway, this 15 year old was good as gold.  He worked literally all day long, only stopping a couple of times to take short breaks and eat a  - peanut butter sandwich.  That was his lunch.  I immediately figured these were probably poorer people and that came out in the wash later on.  How about this?: this boy has never seen his real father, who lives in a town about 80 miles away.  Whatever, obviously bad stuff going on there, not my business.  They live in a trailer park maybe 15 miles from here.

Well, while this kid was doing this, the next door neighbor's son and 2 of his friends come meandering over to the fence.  They trashed my Honda 300EX quite a while back, I got disgusted with it, just left it sit in the driveway.  They decided they were going to come over and fix it.  Oh really?  Well be my guest, yins the ones that broke it.  They literally spent the entire day trying to get the thing going.  They fixed the oil leak, put oil in it, got  the thing running after numerous attempts, but then I pointed out the chain situation. When they had taken it, some adult had "fixed" it by destroying the chain tensioner.  Literally broke the thing. So, they were riding it around with a chain slapping around and spinning off.

Whatever the case, the never were able to resolve the broken chain tensioner. They tried taking the chain up to the Honda dealer and having a link removed.  Well, the dealer took out two links, not idea whose fault that was, the kids giving them wrong information or the mechanic.  Anyway, then the went all over the place looking for extra links since the Honda dealer didn't give them the links back and were closed.  They were determined to get the thing working - I mean, I had given up on the thing.  I didn't want to touch it after I saw what they had done to it - though what happened to it is really a long story and wasn't actually the neighbor kids' fault, but, he was definitely responsible for it.  That was agreed upon before he took it.

It was only today he finally took responsibility for all of that.  They finally gave up near darkfall. The kid that was working stayed until 6.  We feed him dinner. Which he was all-too-happy to partake and after I asked if he wanted more, he said he would like to take some home.

Now, the fire department showed up.  Yup, just now, while writing this.  I was burning leaves out back - have been since this morning - I was informed that it was okay to do that i city limits.  But, I thought, I bet this was called in on the sheriff's house next door.  The kids were out back pouring gas all over the place and lighting it up.  But I admitted I was burning leaves, though the flames were out, it was just smoldering.  They came out back, saw the smoke, no fire.  One of them talking about writing me a ticket.

Well, they had come out a month ago or so while I was at work, declaring to the lady tenant that we had a fire and it needed to be put out. Uhhh, we aren't burning any fires here. It was the next door neighbor kid, had a fire going, somebody called the fire department.  Gag.  In Phoenix? We could have a fire anytime we wanted.  Anyway, I pointed to the fire in the sheriff's back yard.  Oh.  Oops.  They gonna write me a ticket but no him?  I didn't say anything about that, I just pointed out the fire and how it was started, how they had come out here before and blamed us for a fire that wasn't ours to own, and probably that was who the call was actually on. Oh, we're going to go over there, too.  Yeah, right, I thought.  "I'm sure you know **** (name of sheriff). Oh yes, we know him.  The talk of tickets disappeared, informed me I had to get a permit to burn and that was the end of that story.

Don't even try to tell me there isn't a good ole' boy's club going on in between officials like this. I've seen it repeated here for a while now. I don't really care, either, it's life but funny how they were going to write me a ticket until they saw what was going on next door.  I would have called them out on it if they had done that - written me a ticket and not the neighbor for the same exact thing - and I would have pushed it.  Trust me, I have no patience for this kind of foolery.

I dunno what else.  Oh, yes, the RV has been moved to my property in Phoenix.  I have placed an ad, but it is a repost of an earlier ad.  I need to start a fresh one, reposts never get much attention.  I'm not going to settle for anything less than $2,500 for it.  I've just spent too much getting it fixed up and moving it down there and it's definitely worth that much money.  If/when it gets sold, I'm going to fix that Jeep my friends the homeowners here gave me, put a hitch on it, get a trailer and yes, I'm going to go riding on my 4 wheelers. Well that's my tentative plan.  I dunno what I will actually end up doing, but that Jeep is just sitting there.

I'm still watching a few NFL games, but I've mostly grown repulsed by the protests with the kneeling s***, the NFL can go bake.  They can force players to stand if they want to, their stand is costing them money. The NFL won't admit it, but the 11% decline in viewership is definitely related to the boycott.  The NFL is not untouchable, but the NFL put out a message to the teams saying everything but the boycott is the cause of it, they'll weather the storm, yada yada yada.  Yeah, well, when you see some whiny little rich boys out on a field kneeling and dissing our flag and our anthem, they can got rot.  I hope the percentages keep going down in viewership. Get that number to 30 percent and they will have no choice but to tell these a-holes to stand or get out.  Sorry, but this stuff pisses me off.

Whatever.  This election cycle is also growing very old.  Let's get the election over with and then? everyone can complain about the outcome.  If Trump wins, there will be rioting.  If Hillary wins, there won't be rioting but I'm betting the Convention of States idea is going to become much more popular.  Talk of an uprising but so far, just talk.  Really.  I'm not sorry to say there is no way Hillary Clinton should be in the running. How do Hillary supporters simply ignore all of this endless junk that has been coming out against her?

Dog situation starting to level out. After confronting the lady tenant about her over-involvement with MY dogs, she all but stopped all of it.  Addler is coming back around to me.  Heck, I just spent the entire day outside with both of my dogs and that was cool.  However....I didn't know Aspyn wasn't spayed when I got her. Umm so she is 8 months old, in heat and I"m afraid I'm going to have Great Dane/German Shepherd mix puppies coming.  I don't really want that, at all and I only noticed the heat part when I noticed drops of blood on the floor. I'll wait until I see whether she's pregnant or not and then have her spayed.  I don't need or want puppies, thank you.  Too much work.

Not much else.  Continued dire warnings about the economy. Now a warning about a new world currency.  I would call it speculation but a few have accurately predicted previous disasters. Speaking of predictions, the dude that has accurately predicted presidential election outcomes for the last 30 years - in a row - has said his model shows that Trump will win the election.  I would very much like that to come true, but only because in my view? Hillary is a disaster in the making.  I don't have the unction to write out my reasons why now.  I have been working all day long, it's almost 10 pm and I'm done for the day.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

I walked in the house today and saw a letter from the Texas Department of Public Safety.  I immediately knew what it was about, I did not know whether it contained good news or bad for me.  What kind of background check takes 5 months? Even if it IS a federal background check.  I didn't open it, I felt it to see if i could feel a card in there.  Yes, I felt something in there.  Getting a little excited, I opened it up.  And there it was, in all it's plastic glory.  A Texas License To Carry Handgun, otherwise referred to here as LTC.  I spsent a few dollars on this and I spent some time on this one.  I find it amazing that I got a passport in a fraction of the time it took to get this thing.

Next?  Look at articles on handguns that are good for concealed carry.  I have no intention of open carry, at all.  I didn't bother to do much research, I wanted the license first.  Then, when ti was taking forever to get  it, I definitely decided to put any handgun purchase on hold.  My next door neighbor should have some good input on what's a good concealed carry handgun and where to buy them.

Anyway, all of these things I wanted in terms of "endorsements" are finally over. The LTC, the passport and the X/tanker-hazmat combo endorsement for my CDL.  What else is there? I dunno, but those were the things I wanted and now I have all of them.  I feel this LTC as a major accomplishment considering what I went through to get the thing and all the time I waited afterward to actually receive it.  On another note, I would have probably gotten this license at least a month earlier if it hadn't been for the instructor of the class' screwup in not dating the forms before sending them into the State.  They sent mine back to me a month or more after that guy sent them in.  I called him and he looked into and found that he had not dated ANY of the participants in that class that day. Well, I said, you are likely in for a lot of phone calls!

Okay, well this makes me happy. Kind of feel like an elite group.  How many people are actually willing to go through all of that? How many people will fail the background check anyway?


Wrote that days ago. Sunday evening.  Drama here yesterday. The lady tenant was outside smoking and apparently went over to the neighbor's house to tell a man sitting in front in his pickup that his truck's fumes were bothering her and to please shut it off.  The next thing that happened is a bit murky, but apparently the  neighbor's son came over and she shoved him for some reason.  She claims he startled her.  I dunno, but I was sitting here, in the living room, watching tv when the son's dad calls, who is also a deputy Sheriff and was on duty.

He was extremely agitated and started right in on it - me not having a clue what he was talking about.  I missed all of that excitement but, I invited him to come over and confront on it if he felt that strongly about it. I went out there for this one, as she was sitting out front.  I warned her he was coming. Anyway, he comes up in full uniform and basically reads her the riot act, including threatening to haul her off to jail for harming a minor, I guess. The boy wasn't hurt, I"m sure of that, but this was daddy in a law enforcement uniform making his intentions clear.

I dunno what she thought she was doing.  When he left - leaving a strict warning that if she touched his boy again, she was going to jail - I also confronted her. She has no business confronting neighbors on anything.  If there is an issue, you come to me and I will deal with it.  She was very apologetic at least, though she lied to the officer and he called her out on it, which agitated him even more, and agreed that she wouldn't do that again.  Yes, please don't.

I texted the guy and told him I was sorry for her actions and please let me know if she ever does it again, I will find new tenants.

After that, I called her out on her involvement with my dogs.  I'm not sorry.  She has literally taken them over to the point they are about half interested in my arrivals back home from work.  I watched this on Friday and became internally agitated, as I have been watching this for a while. She has no social life besides whoever it is she is talking to on the phone, so her daily life while I am going is interacting with my dogs all day long.  Addler is my dog, I went to great lengths to get him and I'm not going to have some complete stranger come and steal his heart away simply because I am gone all day long at work.

That didn't end too well either, but I was glad I confronted her on it.  I made it plainly clear that she could have her dog living with her here before they moved in here.  But, she sent the thing off to someone she knows in Dallas and I thought at the time, I wonder if she's going to make my dogs her dogs?  Of course. It isn't the end of the world but I have initiated "healthy boundaries".  My dogs are my dogs.  She was giving them treats - treats that I paid for - and giving them to them without my permission.  I limit dog treats for one reason: too much makes them fat.  That's what really started irritating me is when Addler started putting on the pounds.  Another thing that aggravated me is his usual self of running around all over the place all day long was transformed into him laying in front of the door, waiting for her to come and likely, bring him in.  I haven't been able to verify the second part of that, but from the way he's behaving I have to guess that it's true.

After that, she started texting me, to which I totally ignored.  We're all of 40 feet apart, if she wants to discuss this, it's going to be in person.  I was fully prepared to engage her on it the next day, it was Friday this occurred, btw, not yesterday as I had originally reported.  Because this is day 2 and she is acting like nothing has happened but there is one important difference: she is no longer interacting with my dogs.  I have my doubts the same will hold true when I am gone, but she knows my feelings about it now.  She's not my lover, we aren't dating, we aren't married, she is a tenant living here. She is a sweet lady but this was going too far.

Well, as I said earlier, Sunday night.  I didn't get much done this weekend.  I have had lackluster energy ever since getting sick. This happens to me every single time I get sick.  I might get better but my energy takes forever to come back.  It's go to work, try to make it through the day and then come home and do nothing beyond what I have to. I hate it, but it's been that way with me all of my life.  I still wish someone at work would have said this sickness is being spread around, I would have taken special care to wash my hands and stay away from those people.  I've got a lot to do around here but I"m not going to push it.  I'll be trashed on Monday morning and it will be a very difficult day.

I am lucky that I got the truck loaded and ready to go for Monday though.  I literally have nothing left to do but throw more strap over a pallet, fire up the truck, get my paperwork and leave. It's at least a 4 hour trip - going back into the Army Depot again - it's and hour and ten minutes there not counting any stops, it's an ordeal getting into the place.  A back ground check and then driving 20 mile an hour. this place is HUGE.  Miles worth of military equipment, lots of armored personnel carriers.  Cool to see them up close.

My mother has decided that the move from her home of 25 years was a mistake. Well she thought that a while ago but got over it.  She bought a 4 bedroom home on a large piece of land, I'm not sure what she was thinking.  What did she need such a large home for? She's 81 years old.  A 2 bedroom house on a small plot of land would have been much more suited for her but I kept my mouth shut.  Well, she already has the house up for sale, already has offers on it and already looking for a new place.

Well, I can't do anything about any of it.  I hope she gets the place she needs in short order and gets this over with and beyond it.  She also wanted to get the 5th wheel off of her property and sold, but it's turning into an ordeal.  I may just go back for a few days to deal with it myself. I'm not in a huge hurry to deal with it since she's busy with the house, but she is insisting on moving on with it.  I have basically decided to get it dragged down to the valley where it will be much easier to sell and she won't have to deal with it, my landlords at my house will sell it for me.

Anyway, that's about it. A little bit of drama, the regular grind at work and stuff going on with my mom.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Okay. Well I got to work today feeling extremely cruddy.  I didn't sleep a wink last night. I've had those shots of steroids before without any side effects, not this one.  I feel funny and it kept me awake all night long.  I took out a delivery and after I was done with it, wondered how I was going to make it through the rest of the day?  I didn't. 2 hours into work I went into the manager and asked for the rest of the day off, I just can't do this today.  We were very slow, so it wasn't putting anyone out.  Went home and just laid in bed for a long time.  Eventually got up, went to the election office and registered to vote = I thought I had but apparently I hadn't finished the process so I decided to go straight to the place that would take care of this, which is all of a mile and a half away.

The nice thing about living in small towns is that nothing is very far away. At least, if it's in the town.  If it's in another town, then you are in for a drive.  I then went to the ATT store to find a cheap phone for my landlords in Phoenix. I had no idea they were shelling out upwards of $80 per month for cards to refill the phone.  Pay as you go stuff.  Expensive, especially as much as they have to use it when they are trying to rent out a room. I can get a phone with text/calling only, unlimited for $20 bucks a month.  Well, they said at the store that the lowest priced phone that would work with my plan that I could get there was almost $300.

No freaking way.  I know  I can get a phone for around $40 that serves the purpose they need, just to make calls and texting.  But, several of those cheap phones will also get you on the internet if you are in the range of wifi.  I blew them off and went to the post office to send the home owners here their mail.  Which next time I want them to tell me what they actually have to have sent and what can just be thrown in the trash.  I don't even get my mail from Phoenix anymore, they just go through it and tell me what it is and now I just have them read it to me over the phone.

Anyway, then she - the lady running my house over there - sent me an email saying she had to pay to have Sophie put down - I originally got that dog but they wanted her when I left and it was going to be too much to take her out here.  I didn't exactly get the dog in good condition, she had extreme hip problems at an early age and it finally caught up to her.  Then she said she had to buy pond fish food and something else of which I don't remember and she is broke, oh the other thing was the excessive phone stuff - can you please give me some guidance?

Well, it was $280 worth and I figured that the only thing I could really do is excuse the debt considering what they have done over there in keeping the place in good condition and immaculately clean.   I'm not saying that is an easy thing to do - give up that much money as I have things I need to do with it but - I can live without.

There isn't much else.  Kinda sucks that I am still being held back by this sickness but it's definitely the injection and whatever side effects and once that passes I should be fine.  If I can get any sleep tonight I should be okay for work tomorrow though.

Well, I'm fading here, time to stop this.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

I don't have much opportunity to speak to the cop next door, but when I do, it's pretty interesting stuff.  He pulled over a car going 91 in a 75 zone today and was talking to the driver.  Black lady, very well dressed, very articulate and intelligent and good kids in the back seat.  Well, he says, turns out, she had warrants out for her arrest.  He had a wedding to go to, but something she said got him interested in looking it up and proving it.  She said she hadn't had a ticket in 20 years.  When he went to look it up, he found the lady had 2 warrants for assault and battery a few towns over.  Pretty much ruined his wedding plans, lol, as she went to jail and he babysat kids for 2 hours waiting for relatives to show up and get them.

Then we got into Obama, Trump and Hillary. Lolol.  Okay, well I won't go into that, but he did say something that has been surfacing everywhere: where are all of these people that are talking about Hillary?  In real life? I don't meet any of them either.  On the internet a different story but still.  Hillary and how wonderful she is isn't the talk on the streets, it's always Trump.

The cop neighbor likes to tell stories of his arrests and tickets.  I don't see him often, he's got 2 jobs and a family.

Anyway, the shot I got yesterday? I've hardly coughed at all today.  Really. I've had these shots before but I didn't really think it would work that well this time for some reason.

I did nothing today. Really. Well one load of laundry that I just now remembered needs to be dried and watered the new grass and that was it.

And now?  I'm done.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Well, day 10 of sickness.  Several people informing me I need to go to a doctor.  I'm thinking, for what? This is a virus, viruses usually take me a while to get past.  I went.  The doc checked me out, said my blood pressure was up a bit, oh well, I'm sure it will go back down.  He didn't say to do anything about it, anyway, since it's normally well below the normal range.

He then asked if I had ever been diagnosed with allergies?  Ummm, I have terrible allergies.  Not a diagnoses but definitely go the rounds with it.  Well, he says, you have some drainage going on so I want to either give you a shot or pills of steroids. I've had this before.  I also have docs asking those questions before - the shot is more effective but I guess a lot of people are afraid of needles.  I'm not one of those people. However, when the thing was pushed into my butt and the stuff was injected, it burned like crazy.  Never had that bad of a reaction to steroids before.

Anyway, he said I should be feeling better by Monday.  If not, he gave me Plan B - a prescription for antibiotics.

To be honest? That's all I did today.  I didn't even get out of bed until 10 am.  I've had zero energy so I've just been resting, sleeping and doing much of nothing.  Which stinks because I really like to take the dogs for walks. The weather is cooling and it's much nicer out there.

Making it through the work week was rather hellish, the only plus was that I had numerous long runs that kept me driving instead of pulling huge orders.  But pulling even small orders was a chore.  Yesterday I had to meet an older gentleman in Texarcana to give him some materials they needed.  He had driven there to a valve company that we deal with to get 2 tapping sleeves that we didn't have.  We get some true emergencies sometimes.  There are always small water breaks going on, but this one allegedly had most of the town of Bastrop without any water.  Louisiana - a lot of it- has an aging infrastructure and very old water pipe under the ground.  They start breaking and small towns try to keep fixing it, but it has a ripple effect.  A lot of these towns are broke but apparently the feds give them grants to fix water supply systems.  Meaning replacing all old pipe, fittings and services.

Anyway, I had to move the stuff by myself from my truck to his, which was no fun.  Still, it was pure overtime, this came up late in the day and I didn't get back to the yard until after everyone went home excepting my co-driver whose truck he was driving broke down and he had to wait at the shop for it to be repaired.  They want that truck loaded and ready to go for Monday morning.  However, he didn't load the truck.  Our board says the truck has to be there at 8 am at the job site.  I think he's fixing to get a bit of trouble coming his way

This is my version of a ruined weekend. Doing nothing when there is so much to do isn't exactly my idea of fun.  I have everything I need except for some cinder blocks to build that pond.  I dunno.  I have to get the blocks from Lowe's and I don't know if I can fit them all in the trunk of my car.

The people that own this house are basically broke.  If there is something goes wrong here, I'ma have to fix it and hope they can pay it back at a later date.  I'm not going to concern myself with the $37 for the AC, but there are things that can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars, even thousands if you consider a new AC system.  They just had a new roof put on so I don't need to worry about that.  but there are things like the AC, water heater, washer dryer setup, refrigerator - anything else that can cost a small fortune.  Things that can cost a small fortune to replace.

I was talking with her today - wishing I could figure out how to get another tenant in here. She suggested my suggestion from a while back: a travel trailer.

Welp, ;;I think I'll end this one and go to bed.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

There is a problem with the new lady tenant.
She has no social life.  Beisdes the people in the house.
She is also obviously wanting to find a relationship with someone.
Now, I don't mind the talking until it starts getting repetitious.

But today, when I got home from work, I just wanted to sit out back, alone, with the dogs, and just think in quietness.
Okay, not total silence, the dogs were going crazy and that's fine, I'm a fan.  Well, their craziness drew her from the from porch to the back, where she began attmepting to invoke her vast amounts of knowledge about dogs to me about the behavior they were exhitibiting.  I was trying to be nice so I just nodded my head and agreed with her.

Nothing she said was news to me. But that wasn't really the bad part, the bad part is when she started saying the same things, over and over and over - and over - and over - 15, 20 times.  I'm just internally getting extremely irritated with this. Make your point, don't repeat it 15 times, I don't care how important you think it is.  I went out there to get away from people.  I don't have the need for being around people all the time.  This is a pattern that has been a part of me since I was a little boy.  I could play with other kids but I was just as happy playing by myself.  Something of that carried over into  adulthood.  I like being around people but I don't have to be aorund them to enjoy life.

I'm afraid I am going to have to confront her on all of this stuff and I guess I would rather do that before it becomes explosive inside of me. I never did get the alone time back there. I was out there for 45 minutes and she talked non-stop.  No, seriously, non-stop. Her male friend lives here as well, but he's a total loner.  He sits in his bedroom all day and night, rarely ever coming out.  He talks on the phone with whoever and he just ordered the Direct TV package that gives you every single channel in their lineup incluidng NFL package.

He talks to her but obviously this isn't fulfilling her needs.  I'm not sorry to say that I dont feel inclined to be that person.  She either needs to find a boyfriend - and that person won't be me - or get her own dog that she can have in the room all day long.

There are always some sort of conflicts with having tenants in a house, which is why I made myself as low-maintenance as possible when my now-friends who own this house were living here and we got along very nicely.  We reeally did.  A few quirks here and there but nothing major.  So what do I do about this?  I don't know.  If you don't respond to her? Ie, sort of the cold shoulder but not exactly that, what does she do? Just talks and talks and talks - and talks - and taaaaaaaaaaaaaaalks.  You can't get a word in edgewide unless you speak over the top of her.

Whatever. I'll figure this out somehow.  I could disappear into my room but I don't have TV in there and can't watch the news and movies.  I could get a receiver in there but I actually like sitting out in this living room.  She mostly leaves me alone in here, at least.  No, I don't invite her to sit down and watch TV or talk. I don't want to bad mouth her or anything, this is really my problem that I need to learn a way to deal with.

Well anyway, i was talking with the lady homeowner - Taylor - yesterday via texting - she is into texting and I can deal with that.  We were discussing the projects I was doing and all kinds of things, really.  She was lamenting having to have to move there.  She then tld me that they had been talking about me the previous night.  Well, we decided that when we return, we really want you to stay with us.  The kids can stay in a single room together and that's too bad for them! I thought it cool that there are people around that actually want my presence around.

I will certainly consider it.  I think if I were to stay, whichever room I end up in will have to have a big time upgrade.  In fact, I'm going to have to do something with the lady tenant's bathroom.  I was going to do that before but once I moved out of there it just fell out of my mind as my head got filled up with the pressing projects outside.  I'm not a fan of living in a house that is an eyesore tothe rest of the neighborhood.  The back yard can be done at whatever pace and be put low on the priority list, but the front yard should be looking good.

I'm tired.  I am not feeling too great, etiher.  Some kind of head cold going around and I started feeling a scratchy throat and general not feeling good stuff.  I took some Vitamin D3 and zinc.  About to take at least 3,000 milligrams of Vitamin C. It hasn't hit me full fledged yet, I dont' even know if it's a cold, it just feels like one.  Anway, going to bed early tonight.  Looks like I have a run down south tomorrow, which if so, I can handle.  If I have to hang out at the yard and I feel like I am now? I'll probably go home.

The only other thing I will say in this entry is that I found my coffee can.  I have no idea how I could have put it in the pantry/laundry room.  I was moving from one room to another and apparently I thought it a good place to put it out of the way while moving. I had forgotten about it until I decided I wanted to put my gold chains on again....and couldn't find it anywhere.  Happy to find it is all I can say considering cahs, rings and gold chians.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

As I suspected, motivation levels dwindled this weekend. I feel like doing nothing.  This was a particular busy week at work and yesterday ended with hours of labor pulling a huge order frying in the sun and humidity.  It was so hot, I was begging for the day to be over.  I pulled almost all of that order and then was about to go inside to clock out - when the warehouse dude came out and said no, they are all cleaning in there, you are exempted from that - obviously because I was working and they were not.

He eluded to wanting me to stay longer and finish. I didn't say no, exactly, I just said can't this wait until Monday or does this need to be finished today?  Well, why don't you just come in at 7 am Monday and you can finish then.  Cool. twice this week I came in "early" - which used to be our normal time and here we  go with Monday starting early as well,

I did get  new tires on the front of my car earlier and left my car at a shop to have the oil changed - walked home.  I'm driving highway speeds which aren't slow and I had had thoughts this week that I better get those fronts changed out.  I'm just hopeful to get another 30 to 50 k miles out of that car.  I really don't much care for it anymore, I've just been driving it for like 8 years and wish I could get into something different. While walking home, the next door neighbor's kid showed me his friend's new truck.  A Dodge 4 door cab with 8 foot bed, nice intererior, older but still in good shape.  How much? $1,500.  What? How do you buy a truck like this for that kind of money?

It had a bad engine, they just happened to have a good one at their house. That truck is easily worth 5k. They are replacing the F250 at work with a new one, the old one will be available to buy.  But that thing has been abused.  The tail gate is trashed, the are dents and scrapes on the sides, the driver's side mirror has been destroyed, etc etc etc.  This is our quality drivers destroying the thing.  Depends on how much they want for it, but it's the good ole' boy's club, if a long time person wants it, it doesn't matter how much I offer for it, they won't sell it to me.

I still have this non functioning Jeep Cherokee on the side of the house that I would like to get running and get rid of it.  Sell it for whatever I can get out of it and be done with it. They just have far too bad ratings from very unhappy owners that say the things will break down frquently.  I can see using it to tow a trailer with my 4 wheelers on it - if it stops working oh well, but not to drive to work.

No, I haven't given up on land.  I just can't do anything until I get my credit score back up and the mortgage company still hasn't updated it.

Well, my trip to Lowe's produced nothing. I have yet another dog now that can jump the fence.  i was going to install thosed angled things you put on top  of chain link fence and then wrap barbed wire around it.  Neither Lowe's nor Home Depot sells that stuff.  Or Tractor Supply.  Lol, I gave up looking, but a 25 foot chain and a post you drive into the ground and we are going to start training her.  Get out of the yard? Get put on that chain for an hour.

I did find those arms online though at a good price. Fixing to order enough of them to cover both front portions and partial down the sides. I'm not sure if I'm going to have to surround the entire yard, that would get to be a bit much.  2 rolls of barbed wire (at least) and a large number of those arms, just not really interested


Much later.  Walked Addler up to the shop to get my car back from getting oil changed - which is an amusement in itself walking that dog and all the reactions - driving back, very short distance and i get a call.  Guy is here to work.  Well that guy didn't bother to shop up at 10:00 am which he said he was going to by his own offering and when he didn't he also didn't bother to contact me and tell me he isn't coming.  Well he was there, standing on the porch so I thought okay, put him to work.

I am not giving him the stuff I don't mind doing, I'm giving him the stuff I definitley do not want to do.  Shovelling dirt and hauling it to the creek out back.  I was in no mood to work today, so I didn't; 15 straight days of buting @$$ and I just decided I needed today off.  The front of he house is slowly transforming including the grass seed  I planted is growing.  There's plenty more to go but today was another good haul. In my world and from my experience, it's rare to find a person that will actually work and take pride in what they are doing.


Sunday. They sent me the wrong carb kit.
Ugh.  None of the gaskets were right.

Well whatever. At least my new grass is growing out there.  And we now have a hole well on it's way to becoming a pond, something I"ve wanted to do out there since I moved in here.  The one out back is nice but everyone sits out front.  Prolly because the back isn't so nice yet.  I'll get that changed in Spring.  Not a priority right now.

I dunno what to do about the weedeater - I really don't want to buy a new one but the need is growing out there.  It hasn't been done in over a month and though the mower is at least keeping the grass trimmed, the overgrowth from the areas where the mower can't do anything is looking pretty bad.  It's actually a pretty nice neighborhood and most everyone keeps their lawns nicely maintained.


I bought a new one.  I'll get this one fixed and have a backup.  Just like the mower, there is another one sitting there that they have that hasn't run in a while.  I'm hoping just take the carb apart, clean it and it will fire up.

Next door neighbor kid came over and declared that he wants to take care of Addler when I'm gone.  He loves that dog - but nobody loves my Addler more than me : ) He's my giant baby.  Not that he looks are acts like one, but he is!  Aspyn has learned how to jump over fences.  However, since the new tenants are here, the lady decided to take it upon herself to try and train her not to. Aspyn won't do that when I'm home.  I bought a tie down with a 25 foot chain attached to it.  Aspyn jumps of the fence? She is put in timeout for an hour and then released.  My plan to buy the 45 angles and put barbed wire on it I have put on hold.  We'll see if this works.  She doesn't go anywhere.  She comes up on the porch and sits on the bench where I normally sit.  I'm used to 6 foot fencing, that isn't what's here and much of the neighborhood - though not all of it - is also 4 foot fencing.  Just an expense I am not going to get into.

Well, watch a little TV and then go out and fire up the new weedeater and get busy.