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Work is picking up. Not just because the other driver left, there's just more work coming in, and bigger, higher priced orders.
I'm totally exhausted right now. I went all day at work going from one place to another to another. I had no time to even take a break. Came home, took a 30 minute nap, got on my hiking shoes and headed to the mountains with the dogs. 50 minutes of intense, non-stop hiking up and down mountainsides. Sweating profusely, dogs in tow - I wore them out again. It was warm out there and I now have a headache. Nothing serious, it will go away after I ease down a little and relax.

Slept like a log through the night, only woke up once. I'm totally changing lifestyle habits. No meals after 6:00 pm, a light snack maybe, but nothing heavy. Walks as much as I can force myself to get out there and do it. 3 days a week weights. Plus working around the house. Plus whatever workout I get at work lifting heavy stuff.

The goal is simply to lost at lea…