Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Work is picking up. Not just because the other driver left, there's just more work coming in, and bigger, higher priced orders.
I'm totally exhausted right now. I went all day at work going from one place to another to another. I had no time to even take a break. Came home, took a 30 minute nap, got on my hiking shoes and headed to the mountains with the dogs. 50 minutes of intense, non-stop hiking up and down mountainsides. Sweating profusely, dogs in tow - I wore them out again. It was warm out there and I now have a headache. Nothing serious, it will go away after I ease down a little and relax.

Slept like a log through the night, only woke up once. I'm totally changing lifestyle habits. No meals after 6:00 pm, a light snack maybe, but nothing heavy. Walks as much as I can force myself to get out there and do it. 3 days a week weights. Plus working around the house. Plus whatever workout I get at work lifting heavy stuff.

The goal is simply to lost at least 15 pounds. Okay, take that back. I don't really care how much I weigh, as long as it is not fat weight. I could weigh as much as I do now with muscle and it would be great. The problem people get into when they start a serious regimen, besides lack of motivation, is if they're doing weight training, they don't see the results as fast. You're losing fat but you're gaining muscle, so stepping on the scale actually is lying to you. It's not telling you that you are gaining all that muscle, which is helping boost your metabolism, which is burning off fat. If those people stay at it LONG ENOUGH, they will SEE the results in the mirror. ;

The temp tenant has won the bid on the house she wanted. She figures the 16th of next month she'll have the thing and be moving out. So, this one is less than a month tenancy. I'll be reposting for temp tenants the day she leaves. Actually, I'll be posting earlier than that if there is actual confirmation that it's going to close and the house is good.

I posted the date of the next party, the end of next month. I've had 50 replies. Numerous disbelieving. Some have read the posts and replied after reading all of them: I thought you were a fruitcake at first, but after reading all of this stuff - etc etc etc. There ARE some STRANGE people on Craigslist, no doubting that. Many of the replies I've had, however, are - godly people actually. Never-the-less, there are a bunch of them that have lost their jobs, in fear of losing their homes. etc etc etc.

Anyway, I'm going to be working on that for a while. Judging from the replies, I won't be buying much of anything. Live entertainment; a full-fledged masseuse; people wanting to bake, cook, and fry all kinds of food; people bringing tables and chairs; people offering money. This will be fun - and I've given enough advance notice that should allow for a lot of people to show up. Lock away valuables in my locking closet and let the party begin!

I've had enough. This day is toasted. There is a huge delivery in the system tomorrow. I pulled the order this morning, but the pipe and all kinds of stuff have to be shifted and rearranged. The semi is loaded, yes, but that is from all kinds of pickups today. Almost all of it will have to be unloaded, more loaded and then rearrange the entire thing. I'm loving working again, it's totally nice/cool/awesome.

Hope you all have a great evening!

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