Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday 4/14/2012

So, we're going to mom's this morning and hopefully get home early afternoon.  I have a lot of things I need to get done around here, kinda precludes spending the entire day over there at her place.

I bought a cleaning kit a few days ago and took the .40 Sigma apart (it's basically a Glock wannabe) - which isn't terribly difficult to do. In fact, you can have thing in 4 pieces in less than 30 seconds.  I watched a video on YouTube - well a couple of them - to make sure I wasn't going to do something wrong and maybe have a gun exploding in my face next time I attempt to fire it, which would be this morning.  I still haven't cleaned the shotgun, but it is a new gun and has had only 5 rounds shot through it, so no biggies.  I don't think I am going to shoot that thing this morning anyway.  There isn't much to shooting a shotgun: aim in the general direction of your attacker and pull the trigger.

So, cleaning out the bore and oiling everything and then wiping off the excess, I was happy enough that I had done a thorough and correct job of the cleaning and oiling and reassembling.

So, in about 15 minutes, we're taking off - gotta stop at Walmart first though, I only have one set of ear muffs and eye glasses and I need 2 if Caleb and I and mom are going to be in there shooting.  Last time, mom didn't shoot, she just waited for us, but I am hoping this time she will go in and fire off a few rounds.  I have never seen my mother shoot anything but a small caliber handgun that had snake shot in it, she was attempting to kill a rattlesnake with it and it was doing absolutely nothing to the snake.  I was laughing at her while I took a shovel and cut the snake's head off and that was the end of that problem.

There are all kinds of snakes up at her property - Garter snakes being most populous. Sounds bad, but they keep the rodent population down which is a good thing, because rats or mice like to find ways into trailers and do some damage.  I'm hoping that with all the doors locked shut and everything closed I won't have to deal with that problem, I guess I'll find out.

Yesterday, after work, I decided to stop at a "new" place to get my hair cut. This time I decided I would be having it cut well down for the summer.  I sometimes let it grow a wee bit long during the winter, but it becomes a hassle and a chore to deal with it.  Anyway, walking into this somewhat dilapidated place-  the floor was not exactly appealing in it's coloration and there was a huge crack all the way down to the other end of the structure in the concrete foundation - I was greeted to the sight of 5 ladies.  3 of them hair stylists and 2 of them customers.  Well, there was a guy in there as well getting his hair cut, but who cares about that, right? lol.

I got my hair cut down and looked into the mirror, rather shocked.  My hair is going from grey to white now. I am only 48 years old, thank you.  I thanked her for the nice cut but started grumbling about the lack of color in my hair.  Suddenly, I have 2 ladies in my face attempting to talk me into getting my hair dyed with this "great" product for only ten bucks the first time.  I hesitated.  I have given it consideration but it seems such a drastic thing to do - going from grey and white to brown hair in the matter of 20 minutes time.  However, I got over it, especially for that price and decided to give it a try.  If I didn't like it, I figured I would get a military cut and have practically no hair on my head to get rid of the new look.

It actually looks pretty good, but it isn't dark enough.  My brown hair - or what used to be brown anyway - was much darker than this color and I think it would look better with a deeper shade of brown, but I am happy enough with it.  I have certainly been getting some double takes from people and I am sure that Monday at work will be no different.

It was supposed to rain today, but the sun is shining and I don't see any clouds from where I am sitting.  So blah to the weather man who usually doesn't get it right, anyway.  Of course, I was just looking at the radar: it's all out east, nothing over where I am at right now.  Blah again.

So, Caleb starts asking me some questions last night about a presentation he had gone to.  A man had invited a small group of him and his friends to show them how they could make a lot of money very quickly.  Yup, that sent alarm bells off instantly.  He then said the man wanted "just" $500 from each person to start their own "business".  More alarm bells.  I listened to the whole thing and then educated my son about scams, scammers, smooth talkers who can make a piece of dog dung sound likes it's a precious gem and gee, doesn't seem a bit odd that you are going to have to pay him to start working for him?

He then gave me the name of the company, which I looked up on the internet. Of course, multi-level marketing, they pyramid scheme.  What else could it have been.  I asked him if he had given that man $500? No, but his friend had.  I informed him that his friend basically just threw away 500 bucks and if you - Caleb - are smart, you won't follow suit.  Just watch what happens with your friend and you will see for yourself. He will do a lot of work and make very little money.  The complaints about that particular company online are numerous and not few.  Well, you know the old saying: if it sounds too good to be true, IT PROBABLY IS!!

I fell for one of those scams when I was much younger, but I had given the guy so much money - almost 3 grand - that I became infuriated when I found out 1: how stupid I had been giving him that much money for nothing in exchange and 2: the man laughing at me on the phone and telling me he wouldn't be giving me my money back.

I guess he thought that since he was in Las Vegas and I was in Phoenix, nothing could happen.

Yes, well it's only 3 or 400  miles to Las Vegas, and yes, I stormed into that man's office and I pretty much told him - well I won't say what I told him here, even though I am sure the statute of limitations is long since over with - I didn't actually DO anything to the man, but at that time in my life?  I would have knocked the guy silly if he hadn't given me my money back.  He got that impression quickly and I was handed a check.

I went straight to the bank and cashed it.

Well, anyway, I have to be outta here.



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